What is zFAS?

What is zFAS?

Automaker Audi offers a central driver assistance controller (zFAS) in its A8 model. The controller uses sensor data to form an image of the surrounding environment for a range of assistance functions, such as adaptive driving assistance, active suspension, parking assistance and traffic congestion assistance.

Where is the Audi pre sense sensor?

Audi pre sense rear uses radar sensors in the rear bumper to detect an impending rear-end collision, and it initiates preventive safety measures.

How do I adjust my Audi pre sense?

Settings on the infotainment system. Select the following on the infotainment system: MENU button > Car > left control button > Driver assist > Audi pre sense. System – The pre sense functions can be switched on/off.

Why is My Audi pre sense not working?

Audi Pre-sense Fault Indicators Either may mean something as serious as a failure requiring service – likely in red – or as simple as a dirty sensor, so start with a car wash! The fault will not impact normal driving functions.

What triggers Audi pre sense?

As with Pre Sense Basic, sudden and hard braking will cause the Audi Pre Sense Front system to engage the seatbelt pretensioners, activate the hazard lights, and close any open windows.

How do I turn off motion sensor on Audi q5?

To turn off the interior motion sensor, press the lock button and press it again within 2 seconds.

Does Audi pre sense break?

pre sense plus – Charges the brakes and alerts the driver with physical, audible, and visual warnings. pre sense city – Can activate emergency braking at speeds of less than 52 mph.

Why is My Audi pre sense currently restricted?

Settings that can affect pre-sense are if ESC (traction control) is set to Sport or Off, or if the MMI drive mode is in Offroad – don’t have a Q3, so not sure if it has this mode, and how it behaves. But you will have a permanent warning symbol remaining after the initial message, as below.

What does Audi pre sense warning light mean?

Audi Pre Sense is a technology system for predictive safety which activates when a potential collision is expected. If this light appears, please ensure that the sensors are clear and not obstructed by dirt. If the light is still illuminated, please contact your nearest Audi dealership.

Can you upgrade Audi pre sense?

Audi Pre-Sense comes in models from the Audi A3 to the Audi A6. Most Audi models do have Audi Pre-Sense, and the ones that don’t can have it added as a technology update. If you’d like us to walk you through the Audi model lineup, feel free to contact us at your convenience!

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