What kind of helmet do I need for drag racing?

What kind of helmet do I need for drag racing?

Helmets are mandatory for the participant and the licensed supervising adult. Helmet can be either an open-face or a full-face helmet meeting Snell: M2010, M2015, M2020, SA2010, SA2015, SA2020, SFI: 31.1/2010, 31.1/2015, 31.1/2020, 41.1/2010, 41.1/2015, 41.1/2020, FIA 8860-2010, 8860-2015, 8860- 2018 certification.

Do drag racing helmets expire?

The date code (2010, 2015) refers to the expiration of the certification, which is 12 years from the date shown. For example, a SA2010 helmet is acceptable until 2022. Helmet shoppers should look for a helmet with a 2015 certification to get the longest use from their investment.

What brand helmet does Lewis Hamilton wear?

For nearly 70 years Bell has been at the forefront of professional motorsport in both four and two-wheel categories. Over half of the Formula 1 drivers, including Lewis Hamilton wear lids designed and manufactured by Bell Helmets.

What helmet does Charles Leclerc use?

Bell HP-7 RC helmet
Leclerc made his first test day as an official Ferrari race driver in November 2018 during the end of season testing in Abu Dhabi. And this is the very helmet he used during testing!! This spectacular Bell HP-7 RC helmet is hand-painted by BS Designs in the iconic Ferrari Red color, with white and black panels.

Will a motorcycle helmet Work drag racing?

If you plan to compete in the NHRA events in North America, you will be required to wear the M2020 helmet for motorcycle events and the SA2020 helmet for the drag racing events. These Snell accredited helmets will also be valid in Japan and other non- European racing events.

What speed do you need a helmet drag racing?

Drivers of all 8.59 or quicker cars, including motorcycles, must wear a helmet meeting Snell or SFI Specifications. Full-face helmet mandatory on all cars 9.99 (1/4 mile)/6.39 (1/8 mile) or quicker. See individual Class Requirements for additional requirements, such as Stock Eliminator.

How long is SA2015 good for?

The Snell Foundation states that “unused helmets stored in good condition do not automatically expire after five years.” This means that the SA2015 helmet model can be used until 2025 or more, provided that it’s in good condition and safe to use.

What is a SA2010 helmet?

The Pyrotect ProSport SA2010 Helmet ($198) is one of the best bang-for-the-buck helmets on the market today. It features a lightweight fiberglass shell, large eyeport, deluxe shield pivots, P-1 ventilation system, HANS & Necksgen ready, and is Snell SA2010 rated.

What helmet does Sebastian Vettel use?

Arai helmet
Sebastian owns well over 100 helmets with a brightly painted shell, but for the 2018 Austin, Texas race part of the design has been moved to the inner part of his Arai helmet. The interior made of fireproof Nomex was printed by JMD using a new process.

What helmet does Max Verstappen wear?

Schuberth helmets are currently being used by Verstappen, Carlos Sainz, Sergio Perez, and many more. Verstappen’s helmet features almost a full-gold finish, with his personal sponsor CarNext’s logo on the side and center.

What does it say on Lewis Hamilton’s helmet?

The back of Hamilton’s helmet reads the quote, ‘We stand together’, and the sides have, ‘love is love’ written on it. The seven-time world champion sports the special helmet for the Qatar GP in support of equal rights and he was very vocal about the human rights issue while speaking to the media on Thursday.

Can you use a motorcycle helmet for karting?

Yes, as long as they are full face helmets and meets ISO standards. All helmets must have a clear visor.

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