What kind of rifle did Quigley use in Quigley Down Under?

What kind of rifle did Quigley use in Quigley Down Under?

Quigley Shiloh Sharps Rifle
Tom Selleck Quigley Shiloh Sharps Rifle — Tom Selleck played Matthew Quigley in in the 1990 film Quigley Down Under. Manufactured by Shiloh Sharps, the rifle was one of three made for the film. The 34″ barreled Sharps bears the initials of Selleck’s character inlaid in gold on the receiver.

What ammo did Quigley use?

Matthew Quigley’s gun is a replica model 1874 Sharps Buffalo Rifle, built by Shiloh Rifles of Montana. They are chambered in . 45-110, which is a . 45 caliber bullet propelled by 110 grains of black powder.

How many rounds did the Sharps rifle hold?

5 rounds
In Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters, one of the weapons a player can use is a 50 caliber Sharps rifle which holds 5 rounds.

How accurate were Sharps rifles?

A skilled Sharps rifleman could fire 10 rounds a minute, compared to three for a muzzleloader. And the shooter didn’t have to stand up to load, exposing himself to enemy fire. In addition, the rifle was accurate out to 1,000 yards in the hands of a top-notch sharpshooter.

What did Quigley shoot?

The Quigley Shoot Entrants aim at six targets from distances of between 350 and 805 yards. Any traditional single-shot or lever-action rifle .

What is a breech load?

A breechloader is a firearm in which the user loads the ammunition (cartridge or shell) via the rear (breech) end of its barrel, as opposed to a muzzleloader, which loads ammunition via the front (muzzle).

Where are Sharps rifles made?

Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company was the manufacturer of the Sharps Rifle….Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company.

Type Private
Headquarters Bridgeport, Connecticut , U.S.
Area served U.S.
Key people John C. Palmer, Christian Sharps, Richard S. Lawrence
Products Rifles

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