What lengths do fence palings come in?

What lengths do fence palings come in?

The Standard Paling Fence is a familiar sight in most suburbs — providing boundary separation and privacy. The height of these fences varies with typical heights being 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100 and 2400mm. Paling fences provide an extremely economical fence for many applications.

How many Palings are in a meter?

For palings, you have a 150 mm paling with a 50 mm gap between making 5 per meter. You then have a 100mm paling covering the 50mm gap with 25mm covering either side of the 150 paling again getting 5 palings per meter.

How wide are Palings?

The back skin of palings is usually 150mm wide and the top skin is 100mm wide. This maintains an even space between the top palings to improve the appearance of the fence. There are three 75mm deep rails fixed to H4 CCA treated pine posts.

How do you calculate fence paling?

Paling Lap is calculated at nearest over or equal to 0.25 x paling width, to fit full palings. (no end cuts). For a single stand alone fence with 2 ends, and no end corners, select No Corners.

Why do fence palings overlap?

Overlapped – as the name suggests – the palings overlap to provide maximum privacy and no gaps. “Lapped & Capped” – where the palings overlap ensuring no gaps between each paling and the top of the fence is fitted with a timber cap providing a stylish finish to the fence.

How wide is a fence paling?

Commonly used paling sizes are 100 x 15 mm and 75 x 15 mm. Palings may be spaced or closely butted.

How do you calculate paling spacing?

How to Calculate Picket Spacing

  1. Measure the distance between neighboring fence posts (assuming the posts are spaced consistently, you can use the same spacing dimension for each section).
  2. Determine the number of pickets for each section by dividing the post spacing by the unit width: 92.5 divided by 5.5 equals 16.82.

How do I work out how many fence panels I need?

If you want to know how we calculate the amount of fencing materials you need, here is a list of the equations we used: Number of posts = (fence length / post spacing) + 1 (round the result up) Number of sections = number of posts – 1.

How do you overlap fence palings?

First, nail on the 150mm palings using the 40 x 2mm galvanised nails, leaving a 50mm space in between each paling. Keep the palings vertical as you go – check regularly with your spirit level. Then nail the 100mm palings over the spaces so they overlap 25mm on both sides using the 50 x 2.8mm galvanised nails.

How much space do you need between palings on a fence?

palings shall be 100 x 15 mm for hardwood and 100 x 25 mm for cypress and treated pine. palings shall be lapped to prevent air gaps. The first layer of palings shall be spaced 50 mm apart and fixed with one 50 mm long nail to each paling at each rail.