What plants are grown in the Eden Project?

What plants are grown in the Eden Project?

Dahlia in the Outdoor Gardens.

  • Persian buttercups in the Mediterranean Biome.
  • Himalayan blue poppy in the Outdoor Gardens.
  • Red powderpuff flower in the Rainforest Biome.
  • Daffodils in the Outdoor Gardens.
  • Titan arum in flower. This rare beauty is only very occasionally found in our Rainforest Biome – about once a year.

What are the plants in the rainforest biome?

The tropical rainforest contains more species of plants than any other biome. Orchids, Philodendrons, Ferns, Bromeliads, Kapok Trees, Banana Trees, Rubber Trees, Bam- boo, Trees, Cassava Trees, Avocado Trees. Animals come in various colors which act as a camouflage to protect them from their pred- ators.

What are the biomes of the Eden Project?

Designed by Grimshaw Architects, our two Biome buildings – the Rainforest Biome and the Mediterranean Biome – each consist of several domes joined together, and are joined in the middle by the Link building.

How many plant species are in the Eden Project?

With over 1,000 varieties of plants, there’s plenty to see and experience, especially when venturing up to the canopy walkway that gives you stunning views from great heights.

Does the Eden Project sell plants?

Our Gift Shop in the Visitor Centre offers a fabulous range of plants, ethical products, and wonderful souvenirs to help you recreate a little slice of Eden when you get home.

How many plants are in the rainforest?

Over 200,000 species of plants thrive in rain forests. This abundance is due to the warm, humid environment and includes some of the most beautiful and interesting flora: orchids.

What biome is the Mediterranean?

Chaparral, or Mediterranean Forests, and shrub is a temperate biome, characterized by hot-dry summers and mild and rainy winters.

Does Eden Project have animals?

The dome houses tropical plants including sugar cane, banana trees and coffee trees, as well as a waterfall and reproduction homesteads. Visitors can also see birds and insects but no larger animals.

What plants live in the Mediterranean biome?

This biome contains evergreen broad-leaved and aciform trees, including: holm oaks, arbutuses, olive trees, laurels, carob trees, pine trees, junipers, cypresses and others. It also includes shrubby plants, for instance rock roses, mastic trees, myrtle and rosemary.