What RFC 3264?

What RFC 3264?

RFC 3264 – An Offer/Answer Model with Session Description Protocol (SDP)

Which of the following RFC defines base SIP protocol?

SIP is an application layer protocol defined by IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) standard. It is defined in RFC 3261.

What is offer answer model in SIP?

The use of SDP with SIP is given in the SDP offer answer RFC 3264. The default message body type in SIP is application/sdp. The calling party lists the media capabilities that they are willing to receive in SDP, usually in either an INVITE or in an ACK.

What is SDP answer?

Basic Offer/Answer Model for Media Session Setup Within SIP, SDP (as defined in RFC 3264) provides a mechanism by which two or more entities intending to set up a call or conference can make use of Offer/Answer Session Description Protocol (SDP) model to arrive at a common view of a multimedia session.

What is SIP codec?

Advertisements. A codec, short for coder-decoder, does two basic operations − First, it converts an analog voice signal to its equivalent digital form so that it can be easily transmitted. Thereafter, it converts the compressed digital signal back to its original analog form so that it can be replayed.

What is SIP SDP?

Advertisements. SDP stands for Session Description Protocol. It is used to describe multimedia sessions in a format understood by the participants over a network. Depending on this description, a party decides whether to join a conference or when or how to join a conference.

What RFC 2543?

Standards Track [Page 1] RFC 2543 SIP: Session Initiation Protocol March 1999 SIP invitations used to create sessions carry session descriptions which allow participants to agree on a set of compatible media types. SIP supports user mobility by proxying and redirecting requests to the user’s current location.

What makes SIP as a preferred protocol?

Well, the telecommunication industry has standardized on SIP as the preferred protocol for VoIP communication, precisely because SIP isn’t itself involved in encoding and transmitting data. It simply establishes a session over the network.

What is prack in SIP call flow?

PRACK is a normal SIP message, like BYE. As such, its own reliability is ensured hop-by-hop through each stateful proxy. Also like BYE, but unlike ACK, PRACK has its own response. If this were not the case, the PRACK message could not traverse proxy servers compliant to RFC 2543 [4].

What is O line in SDP?

The o= line of an SDP message, as specified in [RFC4566], specifies the session originator and session identifiers that include the session identifier, session version, network type, address type, and unicast address.

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