What should a cover page for a portfolio include?

What should a cover page for a portfolio include?

Along with the contents of your portfolio, you should also include a portfolio cover page that gives recruiters an idea of what to expect before viewing your portfolio….

  • Open a blank document.
  • Create a design.
  • Type the title and your introductory information.
  • Proofread.

What page size should an architecture portfolio be?

Usually 8.5″x11″ (A4) works best. An architect I worked for pointed out that since a file folder is that size, it’s best to work within the constraint of standard sizes.

What is cover page in architecture?

A cover page defines the text, styles, graphics and layout of the front page of a document. Enterprise Architect provides two standard cover pages, one for portrait documents and one for landscape documents, which you can apply to your document reports independent of the report template and Stylesheet you are using.

What does a cover page for a project look like?

The cover page contains the title of the thesis and the name(s) of its author(s), as well as a statement to the effect that the work is a bachelor’s or master’s thesis. The month (spelled out) and year of submission of the thesis are also indicated on the cover page.

What size should I print my architecture portfolio?

Some experts state a professional portfolio should be created in A3 size with dimensions of 11.7″ x 16.5″. Most professional architects are present when their portfolio is viewed to answer questions about specific projects and give an idea of the personality they hope to bring to a practice.

What is the best font for Architecture portfolio?

Helvetica. The majority of architects, even without advanced knowledge of graphic design, intuitively select sans serif typefaces, due to its minimalism and straight lines. Among the most used texts, as well as the previous case, Helvetica is notorious among professionals.

Should a portfolio have a cover page?

In fact, if your portfolio is a showcase of graphic design or artwork, a creative cover page that displays your abilities is a must. However, if you do not have graphic design skills, most word processing programs offer cover page templates, or you can design a simple page.

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