What size is a 20000 litre tank?

What size is a 20000 litre tank?

Select Water Tanks can customize the size of your water tank to fit your needs. For example, a 20000-litre tank could be around 3300mm wide and around 2350mm high or be less in width but taller in height- eg around 2900mm wide by around 3100mm high.

How much do plastic water tanks cost NZ?

Anywhere from $300 to $4,500.

How much does a 20000 gallon tank cost?

20000 Gallon Plastic Water & Liquid Storage Tanks

Name Capacity Price
18800 Gallon Steel Rainwater Tank 18800 Gallons Call
20000 Gallon Vertical Plastic Storage Tank 20000 Gallons $37,724.00
20000 Gallon Potable Water Bladder Tank 20000 Gallons $9,383.82
20000 Gallon Chemical Resistant Bladder Tank 20000 Gallons $6,965.69

How big is a 30000 Litre tank?

30000 Litre Round Poly Water Tank (QTank)

Height 3,320 mm
Diameter 3,720 mm
Weight 500 kg
Availability SE QLD, Nth NSW

How much do water tanks cost NZ?

Installation cost A tank can cost from $200 for a basic rain barrel to around $3000 for a 3000-5000-litre tank, depending on the design and what it is made of.

What is the cost of a water tank?

Questions & Answers on Water Tanks

Color Min Price Max Price
Black Rs 3/Litre Rs 6/Litre
Black Rs 2790/Piece Rs 10000/Piece
Blue Rs 2500/Piece Rs 115000/Piece
White Rs 2000/Piece Rs 6500/Piece

How much does a t72 cost?

Designed 1967–1973
Manufacturer Uralvagonzavod, Heavy Vehicles Factory
Unit cost US$0.5–1.2 million in 1994–1996, 30,962,000–61,924,000 rubles (US$1–2 million) in 2009, US$0.5 million in 2011
Produced 1968–present

What is the price of water tank 1000 LTR?

Four(4) Layer Premium Water Tank Price List for 1000 Ltr(Liter) Capacity is Rs. 8000/-

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