What size is L5 tennis racket?

What size is L5 tennis racket?

While the grip size is measured in inches, they are often converted into numbers ranging from Grip Size 0 to 5, or L0 to L5….Grip size conversion table.

European Grip size US Grip size in inches
3 (L3 or G3) 4 3/8 inches
4 (L4 or G4) 4 1/2 inches
5 (L5 or G5) 4 5/8 inches

What does L5 mean in tennis racket?

Tennis Racket Grip Sizes: That just refers to the size of the handle on the racket. The larger the number (L5) the larger the handle on the racket. The smaller the number, of course, the smaller the handle. In general, we recommend ladies should choose grip sizes between L1 and L2.

Which is the best tennis racket of 2021?

Top 10 Tennis Rackets of 2021

  • Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro 2021.
  • Babolat Pure Drive 2021.
  • Yonex EZONE Tour 2021.
  • Head Graphene 360+ Radical Pro 2021.
  • Dunlop Srixon CX 200 Tour 18×20.
  • Babolat Pure Drive Tour 2021.
  • Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro Novak Special Edition.
  • Yonex V Core 98 305g (2021)

How do I determine my tennis grip size?

The bottom of your handle will list a number, typically 0 to 5. This number designates your grip size. In the United States, grip sizes are listed in inches while they are numbered in most other places, which is why your endcap might say “3” instead of “4 3/8” but really those are the same grip size!

Is Wilson better than Babolat?

You hardly find a quality difference between Babolat Pure Aero and Wilson ProStaff. Different types of players need different types of rackets, but for recreational players, the decision usually depends on what they like in terms of design or brand awareness.

How much should you spend on a tennis racket?

In the USA, the bulk of tennis racket prices will fall into the price range of $15 – 300. A good club player might expect to pay anything between $150 and $250, depending upon their enthusiasm for the latest design.

What is a normal size tennis racquet?

27 inches
RACQUET LENGTH The length of a racquet is measured from the butt of the handle to the tip of the head. It ranges between 27 inches (the most common) and 29 inches (the maximum length allowed in professional and non-professional tennis).