What songs did Imagine Dragons make for League of Legends?

What songs did Imagine Dragons make for League of Legends?

‘” He says collaborating with Riot just came about organically, with Imagine Dragons writing and recording the song ‘Warriors’ for the League Of Legends 2014 World Championship while the band also performed at the event live in Seoul.

Do Imagine Dragons play League of Legends?

In an interview with LoL Esports, Reynolds explained how the whole band was hooked to the game and how they played every time they had the chance between a live concert and another. He even said they were late on stage once “literally just due to the fact that we were playing a League of Legends game.”

Did Imagine Dragons make Enemy for league?

Imagine Dragons brought their Las Vegas-tinged brand of theatrical pop rock to The Tonight Show Tuesday with a performance of “Enemy.” The standalone single is the theme song for the Netflix animated series Arcane, which is inspired by the massively popular multiplayer online video game, League of Legends.

Was Imagine Dragons Warriors made for League of Legends?

The League of Legends World Championships kick off today and alternative rockers Imagine Dragons have marked the occasion with the release of “Warriors,” a song they wrote specifically for the MOBA. The band took on the project because League of Legends is apparently their favorite game.

How many League of Legends songs are there?

So far, we have eight Worlds anthems, each with its own music video. However, for this list, we wanted to focus on the song itself, the lyrics, the catchiness of the chorus, and the feelings that it conveys to us.

Are Imagine Dragons still popular?

Imagine Dragons have sold more than 75 million records worldwide, making them one of the world’s best-selling music artists. They were the most streamed group of 2018 on Spotify and are the first rock act to have four songs, “Radioactive”, “Demons”, “Believer”, and “Thunder”, to surpass one billion streams each.