What songs did Jimmie Rodgers have?

What songs did Jimmie Rodgers have?

Rodgers was born on Sept. 8, 1897, and worked on the railroad before a positive tuberculosis test in 1924 shifted his attention to music….

  • “Miss the Mississippi and You” 1934.
  • “T.B. Blues”
  • “Waiting for a Train” 1929.
  • “In the Jailhouse Now” 1928.
  • “Blue Yodel No. 9”

How many songs Jimmie Rodgers wrote?

According to the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, McWilliams wrote or co-wrote 39 of Rodgers’ 111 recorded songs, but is only officially credited with 20 of them.

What song made Jimmie Rodgers famous?

In 1927 he recorded the song “Blue Yodel” that sold over a million copies and earned Rodgers the nickname”The Blue Yodeler.” His distinctive style mixed blues, European yodeling, and African American falsetto singing traditions.

What was the name of the song that made Jimmie Rodgers a household name?

Originally called “The Blue Yodeler,” Rodgers recorded ‘Blue Yodel’ in 1927. More than a million copies of the song sold in the United States and earned Rodgers the nickname.

What was Jimmie Rodgers first song?

Sleep, Baby Sleep
After the Entertainers broke up, Rodgers auditioned for Victor Records’ Ralph Peer who released Rodgers’ first single “Sleep, Baby Sleep” with the B side “The Soldier’s Sweetheart.” The song became a hit and Rodgers was sent to the Victor headquarters to record his immortal “Blue Yodels.” Within months, Rodgers was …

Did Jimmie Rodgers song Honeycomb?

Jimmie Rodgers, Who Sang ‘Honeycomb’ and Other Hits, Dies at 87. His crossover appeal landed him on the charts often in the 1950s and ’60s, but a violent incident in 1967 derailed his career.

Who wrote most of Jimmie Rodgers’s songs?

1” and was at the heart of some dozen other recorded versions. Most of Rodgers’s original compositions were written with a variety of collaborators, the most prominent of whom was his sister-in-law, Elsie McWilliams.

Are there 2 Jimmie Rodgers?

Rodgers (1897–1933), who died the same year the younger Rodgers was born. Among country audiences, and in his official songwriting credits, the younger Rodgers, Jimmie Frederick, is often credited as Jimmie F. Rodgers to differentiate the two.

Who owns Jimmie Rodgers guitar?

After his death, Rodgers” widow loaned the 000-45 to Ernest Tubb, who played it for forty years. It was later donated to the Jimmie Rodgers Museum where it is kept in a safe behind glass.

Where is Jimmie Rodgers buried?

Turn right immediately onto Azalea Drive. At the fork in the road, veer left onto Oak Grove Road. The cemetery will be on the right just past the church. The grave is in the front, just behind the red Mississippi Country Music Trail marker dedicated to Rodgers.

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