What surname is Yadav?

What surname is Yadav?

Yadav Surname User-submission: Indian (northern states): Hindu (usually Ahir) name, from the Sanskrit, yadava ‘of Yadu’, ‘descendant of Yadu’. Yadu was a legendary Hindu king, believed to be an ancestor of the god Krishna, who for this reason is sometimes referred to as Yadava.

Is Yadava first name?

Family name origins & meanings Since Krishna is said to have been brought up among Ahirs, who were herdsmen, the surname Yadav is popular among them. In Maharashtra, this name is found among the Marathas.

How many types of Yadav are there?

The term ‘Yadav’ covers many castes which initially had different names: Ahir in the Hindi belt, Punjab and Gujarat, Gavli in Maharashtra, Gola in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka etc.

Who is the Yadavs God?

Lord Krishna
The Yadav caste generally follows Vaishnav traditions, and share Vaishnav Dharmic religious beliefs. They are the worshippers of Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu. Yadavs are classified under the Kshatriya varna in Hinduism and remained in power in India and Nepal until 1200-1300AD, before the arrival of Muslim invaders.

What is the full form of Yadav?

Yadav. Young Ambitious Delightful Attractive Valuable.

Who are Yadavas in Tamil Nadu?

Konar is a sub-caste of Yadav or Yadava community from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. They are traditionally held to be a pastoral community involved in cattle herding and cultivation.

How did Yadav clan end?

In days after the 18-day Kurukshetra war, Lord Krishna meets Gandhari, a meeting described in Stri Parva. In anger and grief over the death of her sons and the Kaurava soldiers, Gandhari curses Krishna with the destruction Yadavas in a manner similar to the death of her sons.

Who killed Yadavas?

Who is the first Yadav king?

The earliest historically attested ruler of the dynasty is Dridhaprahara (c. 860-880), who is said to have established the city of Chandradityapura (modern Chandor).

Who are Yadavas in Karnataka?

The Gollas also call themselves Yadava. In the early 1920s, castes such as Ahir, Gavli, Golla, Gopa and Goala, which were traditionally engaged in cattle-related occupations, started referring to themselves as Yadav/Yadava.

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