What time does the St Kilda Festival start?

What time does the St Kilda Festival start?

Gates open: 1pm – Welcome to Country at 1:45pm.

What date is St Kilda Festival?

St Kilda Festival returns 5-13 February 2022— to celebrate summer, to celebrate Australian music, but more than anything to celebrate our community.

Is St Kilda a wealthy suburb?

Today, St Kilda is an area of sharp social contrast, with many homeless and other disadvantaged people living among the wealthy and fashionable who crowd its shops and cafes. The suburb is noted for its many itinerant backpackers, but also for its many long-term permanent residents.

Is St Kilda Fest free?

The St. Kilda Festival is a mostly free event. There are hundreds of street performers, buskers and live music acts which can be enjoyed without needing to purchase a ticket.

How do you get to St Kilda Festival?

Public transport routes

  1. Route 3 trams run via St Kilda along Route 3a.
  2. Route 64 trams divert via St Kilda Road along Route 3 between Stop 30 St Kilda Junction and Stop 51 Balaclava Road.
  3. (By 4pm) Route 96 trams run between East Brunswick and Stop 132 St Kilda Station only.

Who is playing at St Kilda Festival?

Melbourne festival mainstays Emma Donovan and the Putbacks, Daryl Braithwaite, Baker Boy, Archie Roach, Approachable Members of Your Local Community, Good Morning, KYE and more headline the nine day fest.

Where is the St Kilda Festival?

Catani Gardens
St Kilda Festival is at Catani Gardens. It’s the FINAL DAY of ST KILDA FEST for 2022!

What’s the poorest suburb in Melbourne?

On the flipside, the state’s most disadvantaged suburb is Broadmeadows, followed by Corio and Campbellfield. Most of the richest and poorest areas are largely what you would expect, but the census data also shows which areas fall somewhere in the middle of the advantage-disadvantage scale.

How do I get to St Kilda Fest?

Shuttle trams run as the following between the City and the Festival:

  1. Route 12a – between Spencer Street and Park Street (first to last tram)
  2. Route 16a – between Flinders St Station and St Kilda Junction (11am to 11.30pm)
  3. Route 96a – between Melbourne Museum and St Kilda Station (5pm to 11.30pm)
  4. From 4pm to last tram.

Where do you park for St Kilda Festival?

Mary Street/Park Street.

Who is playing at SummerSalt 2022?

CRONULLA – GET READY, WE’RE BACK THIS SUMMER 2022! Next cab off the rank is Cronulla! Music lovers are set for a stellar line-up of artists, featuring MISSY HIGGINS, XAVIER RUDD, BIRDS OF TOKYO, KASEY CHAMBERS, THE WAIFS, THE DREGGS and TULLIAH, in the ocean breeze at Don Lucas Reserve, Cronulla.

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