What Turbo is best for TD42?

What Turbo is best for TD42?

TURBOS: The turbocharger that is supplied as the base option for the GQ TD42 turbo kit is the GT2860r by Garrett. We have found that this turbocharger compliments the characteristics of the 4.2ltr TD42 motor very well.

How much power can you get out of a TD42?

TD42 with almost 200whp at 1800rpm at 19:1 AFR! 920nm torque. Max power 274whp and 22:1 AFRs through mid. With more fuel this could go much higher in torque.

How much horsepower does a stock TD42 have?

TD42 Turbocharged A turbocharged version is available (code TD42T1, produces 145 PS (107 kW; 143 bhp) at 4,000 rpm) and in later versions an intercooler was fitted to stabilise intake temperatures.

Are TD42 worth it?

The main reason the TD42 is so highly regarded by the hardcore off-roaders out there is that it’s a better chance than most to get you home every time. Even the allegedly lighter-piston version of the engine is fine provided you don’t mess with its tuning.

How much boost can a td42 handle?

around 15 to 20 PSI boost
Given this is a ‘Comp Truck’, you could run around 15 to 20 PSI boost and upon running it on a 4WD dyno keep the fuel loadings moderately heavy. Basically you can have a 5 litre 250hp engine last for 500,000km or a 5 litre 1500hp engine last just long enough for a ¼ mile drag run.

What is a DTS Turbo?

The DTS Turbocharger System increases power output of the 1HZ 4.2L engine from 95kW to 136kW giving an increase of 43%. Torque is up from 260Nm to 375Nm providing an increase of 45%. Adding the DTS Intercooler kit will increase power and reliability further to 153kW and 430Nm of Torque.

How much boost can a TD42 handle?

How do I stop my TD42 from overheating?

The TD42 has a bypass thermostat system. You cannot remove the thermostat and drive with it as this will make the engine run hotter than it should. The bypass system needs to block off a hole in the thermostat housing which then allows the water to flow through the radiator only.

What is standard boost on a TD42?

All TD42T (turboed) GU Patrols already have a boost compensator so there is no need to add this. Standard boost pressure is 9PSI. Cheapest power upgrade is to retune by adjusting fuel pump and boost pressure.

How many MM is a 20G Turbo?

Turbo Sizing Chart for Mitsubishi / Greddy Turbochargers

Turbo Compressor
Wheel Trim map avail Inducer Diameter (in./mm)
Greddy TD05-16G 16G 60 1.83″/46.5mm
Greddy TD05-18G 18G 50 1.99″/50.5mm
b* Greddy TD06-20G 20G 60 2.07″/52.6mm

How hot is too hot for TD42?

From factory, Nissan states 118°C as safe working temp for the TD42. Despite being well over 100°C, it’s still not boiling at that stage. This is due to the system being pressurised, which raises the boiling point of the coolant/water mix.

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