What type of town is Tangail?

What type of town is Tangail?

Tangail (Bengali: টাঙ্গাইল জেলা) formerly an Upzilla of Greater Mymensingh district is a district (zila) in the central region of Bangladesh. It is the largest district of Dhaka division by area and second largest by population (after Dhaka district).

How many districts are in Tangail?

Tangail is subdivided into 12 subdistricts (upazila/thana). The name of the upuzilas are: Tangail Sadar, Sakhipur, Basail, Madhupur, Ghatail, Kalihati, Nagarpur, Mirzapur, Gopalpur, Delduar, Bhuapur and Dhanbari. Agriculture is the main occupation of the Tangail district.

How many villages are in Tangail?

2526 villages
The subdivision of Tangail was established in 1870. It was turned into a district on December 1, 1969. [2]The district consists of 12 Upazila, 10 municipalities, 72 wards, 211 mahallas, 110 union parishads and 2526 villages.

How many unions are in Tangail?

twelve upazilas
Of the twelve upazilas of the district ghatail is the largest upazila (450.71 sq km, it occupies 13.35% of the total area of the district) and dhanbari is the smallest upazila (127.95 sq km)….Tangail District.

Others Information of District Name of Upazila Dhanbari
Area (sq km) 127.95
Municipality 1
Union 7
Mouza 112

Is Chittagong in Pakistan?

It straddles the coastal foothills of the Chittagong Hill Tracts in southeastern Bangladesh. The Karnaphuli River runs along the southern banks of the city, including its central business district. The river enters the Bay of Bengal in an estuary located 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) west of downtown Chittagong.

Why is Manikganj famous?

Manikganj is noted for its Hazari gur. Jhitka (in Harirampur upazila) is the center for date-sugar industry in the district. Hazari gur being deservedly famous for its purity and flavor.

Where is Tangail located in Bangladesh?

Tangail (Bengali: টাঙ্গাইল, [ʈaŋgail]) is a city of Dhaka Division in the central region of Bangladesh 98 km north-west of Dhaka, the capital. It is main urban area of Tangail District.

What is Bangladeshi Tangail Sari?

We are providing all kind of Bangladeshi Tangail saree. Tangail sari is the historical fashion in Bangladesh that is popular in the world. Bangladeshi saree is very popular to fashionable Bengali women.

What is the history of Tangail?

The name Tangail is thought to originate from the Bengali word tanga, meaning horse carts; long lines of horse carts were common in the area in the early 19th century, as these were the favored mode of transport for passengers and cargo. Tangail has been a popular local business center since the early 19th century.

What are the key facts of Tangail District Dhaka?

It is the largest district of Dhaka division by area and second largest by population (after Dhaka district ). The population of Tangail zila is about 3.8 million and its area is 3,414.28 square kilometres (1,318.26 sq mi). The main city of the district is Tangail.

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