What upgrades should I get Cookie Clicker?

What upgrades should I get Cookie Clicker?

The Cookie Clicker best permanent upgrades to slot are those that give the largest boost to production through a playthrough, like Trillion Fingers which increases Cursor production massively even from the start.

What is the 14 trillion thing in Cookie Clicker?

The time machine is the twelfth building in Cookie Clicker. It initially costs 14 trillion cookies. Each time machine initially produces 65 million CpS by bringing cookies from the past before they were even eaten.

What is the 71 quintillion thing in Cookie Clicker?

Introduction. The Javascript console is a building added in the going off-script update. It is the seventeenth building in the game, costs 71 quintillion cookies and produces 1.1 trillion CpS by creating cookies from Cookie Clicker’s very code.

What is the 1 trillion building in Cookie Clicker?

Building Types

Building Base Cost Initial Payoff Time
Wizard Tower 330 million 7,500 seconds, 125 minutes, 2.1 hours
Shipment 5.1 billion 19,615 seconds, 326.9 minutes, 5.4 hours
Alchemy Lab 75 billion 46,875 seconds, 781.3 minutes, 13 hours
Portal 1 trillion 100,000 seconds, 1,666.7 minutes, 27.8 hours, 1.16 days

Are farms good in Cookie Clicker?

Farms have the lowest CpS of any fully upgraded Building, and as such farms are currently the worst buildings in-game in terms of CpS. It is not recommended to buy farms for CpS mid-late game, as they are only really useful for their synergy effects and for unlocking new soils for the farm mini-game.

What is the 310 quadrillion thing in Cookie Clicker?

Introduction. The Fractal Engine is the sixteenth building, added in the Feedback Loop update. Its initial price is 310 quadrillion cookies and produces 150 billion CpS by converting cookies into even more cookies.

What is the 170 trillion thing in Cookie Clicker?

Introduction. The Antimatter Condenser is the thirteenth building, costing 170 trillion cookies. Each antimatter condenser initially produces 430 million CpS by condensing the antimatter in the universe into cookies.

What is the 5.1 billion thing in Cookie Clicker?

The Shipment is the ninth building in the game, initially costing 5.1 billion cookies. Each shipment produces 260,000 CpS by bringing in fresh cookies from the cookie planet.

How do you get high CpS in Cookie Clicker?

It is important to work on Achievements hunting late game, as it increases your CpS. Use the percentage strategy, idle cookies a lot, then spend them on good upgrades. Be sure to Ascend in your first run with 440 pending Heavenly Chips to get a lot of heavenly upgrades.

What is CpS in Cookie Clicker?

CpS is short for cookies per second, and represents the number of cookies earned for every second of game play. CpS is one of the most important values in Cookie Clicker. The more CpS you have, the quicker you can buy upgrades and buildings.

Should I sell my grandmas Cookie Clicker?

So the best thing to do is just sell all your grandmas and keep your grandma count at zero as long as you’re actively playing. If you want to leave it running passively, you can buy a few again to max out your passive income, but it’s still pretty meh.