What was Fortunate Son written about?

What was Fortunate Son written about?

According to his 2015 memoir, Fogerty was thinking about David Eisenhower, the grandson of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who married Julie Nixon, the daughter of then-President-elect Richard Nixon in 1968, when he wrote “Fortunate Son”.

What was Creedence Clearwater Revival’s only Top 40 hit not written by John Fogerty?

took note when CCR’s cover of the 1956 rockabilly song “Susie Q” received substantial airplay in the San Francisco Bay Area and on Chicago’s WLS-AM. It was the band’s second single, its first to reach the Top 40 (No. 11), and its only Top 40 hit not written by John Fogerty.

What songs did John Fogerty write for CCR?

Here, we countdown Fogerty’s 10 best songs for CCR….The 10 Best John Fogerty / Creedence Clearwater Revival Songs

  • Lodi.
  • Up Around The Bend.
  • Green River.
  • Travelin’ Band.
  • Bad Moon Rising.
  • Lookin’ Out My Back Door.
  • Proud Mary.
  • Born on the Bayou.

What is the message of the song Fortunate Son by CCR?

“Fortunate Son” is a strong, impassioned statement against the Vietnam War and the political establishment in late-1960s America. The entire song is built upon the idea that there is as unbridgeable divide that splits the fortunate sons and the unfortunate sons in America.

Is Born in the USA a protest song?

This betrayal is made even more bitter when he considers the futility of his war efforts and the enormity of what he has lost: “Had a brother at Khe Sahn fighting off the Viet Cong/ They’re still there, he’s all gone.” All of this evidence would seem to classify “Born In The U.S.A.” as pure protest material.

Who wrote most of the CCR songs?

Fogerty wrote for Creedence Clearwater Revival in the late 60’s.

What songs were written by CCR?


Song Writer(s) Original release
“Up Around the Bend” John Fogerty Cosmo’s Factory
“Walk On the Water” John Fogerty Tom Fogerty Creedence Clearwater Revival
“What Are You Gonna Do” Doug Clifford Mardi Gras
“Who’ll Stop the Rain” John Fogerty Cosmo’s Factory

Was Fortunate Son actually played in Vietnam?

“Fortunate Son” appeared in an episode of “American Dad!” set at a Vietnam reenactment. It was also used in the soundtrack of the Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam videogame. “It’s gotten really difficult to place music in scenes about Vietnam and come up with something really fresh, you know?” says Sill.

Who wrote Born in the USA song?

Bruce SpringsteenBorn In The U.S.A. / Lyricist

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