What was the African music in the movie Unfaithful?

What was the African music in the movie Unfaithful?

A great artist gone too soon. Many people were introduced to Ali’s music thru the soap opera movie “Unfaithful” w/Diane Lane/RIchard Gere/Oliver Martinez love triangle. Oliver seduces Diane Lane with a beautiful Ali Farka Toure song from this album.

What is the song from the movie unfaithful?

UnfaithfulUnfaithful / Soundtrack

What instrument does Ali Farka Toure play?


Ali Farka Touré
Origin Niafunké, Mali
Died 6 March 2006 (aged 66) Bamako, Mali
Genres Blues Malian Folk Folk Desert blues
Instruments Vocals, Guitar, Cabasa, Njarka

What language does Ali Farka Toure sing in?

Ali Farka Touré was a very good singer, and he could sing in different languages. He wrote songs and sang songs in languages like Bambara, Songhay, and Tamasheq. He also sang in English, but only sometimes, not very often. People liked his music in Mali, but also in other countries.

Who did the music for unfaithful?

Jan A. P. KaczmarekUnfaithful / Music composed by

Where is Ali Farka Touré from?

Timbuktu, MaliAli Farka Touré / Place of birth

What country is Ali Farka from?

MalianAli Farka Touré / Nationality

When was Ali Farka Toure born?

October 31, 1939Ali Farka Touré / Date of birth
Ali Farka Touré was born on October 31, 1939 in Gourmararusse, Timbuktu, Mali. He is known for Unfaithful (2002), The Spanish Apartment (2002) and The Nanny Diaries (2007). He was married to Fatouma. He died on March 6, 2006 in Bamako, Mali.

What was Ali Farka Toure known for?

Ali Farka Touré, the self-taught Malian guitarist and songwriter who merged West African traditions with the blues and carried his music to a worldwide audience, winning two Grammy Awards, died in his sleep on Monday at his farm in the village of Niafunke in northwestern Mali, the Ministry of Culture of Mali announced.

Where was Ali Farka Toure?