What was the last line in movie Now, Voyager?

What was the last line in movie Now, Voyager?

; we have the stars!
With its memorable closing line, in which Charlotte discloses that she can, in effect, do better than Jerry (“Don’t let’s ask for the moon; we have the stars!”); its makeover story arc, in which Davis goes from fat pads and unibrow to cosmopolitan chic; and its painful depiction of mother-daughter dynamics and …

Is Now, Voyager a feminist film?

Typical representations of women in 1940’s film do not capture such independence or such overt rebellion for the established norm; however, Now, Voyager challenged its typical contemporaries and, for that defiance, has garnered feminist accolades.

What is Charlotte’s nickname Now, Voyager?

Charlotte Vale/ Ms. Beauchamp (alias)/ Camilla (alias/ nickname): The protagonist, who was oppressed and emotionally abused by her mother. She falls in love with Jerry, a married man she meets on a cruise. Later on, she takes care of his daughter Tina who reminds her of her younger self.

What does the title Now, Voyager mean?

It was adapted for the movie by screenwriter Casey Robinson [1903-1979]. The title comes from a line in the Walt Whitman poem “The Untold Want,” which reads, The untold want by life and land ne’er granted, / Now voyager sail thou forth to seek and find.

Why does Charlotte Vale have a nervous breakdown in Now Voyager?

The love story of middle-aged spinster Charlotte Vale, who suffers a nervous breakdown because of her domineering mother and is finally freed after a brief love affair with Jerry, a man she meets while on a cruise after spending time in a sanitarium.

Why does Charlotte go to Cascades the second time in Now Voyager?

Although Charlotte is now free and very wealthy, (she has inherited the massive Vale estate), she feels terrible guilt over her mother’s death. So she returns to Cascades to stave off a breakdown.

What is the meaning of the untold want?

Depicted in this work of poetry, Whitman realizes the importance for people to both grow and develop without constraints, and that their lives should be allowed to sail, to go places, and to experience life.

Is Bette Davis eyes a compliment?

Having Bette Davis eyes is not a compliment. At least it’s not if you go by the lyrics of the song made popular by Kim Carnes back in the 1980’s.

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