What was the most awarded post on Reddit?

What was the most awarded post on Reddit?

Streamer Forsen’s 10 year old Reddit comment has become the most awarded thing on Reddit, passing the post of president Joe Biden winning the US election.

What is the most Upvoted post on Reddit ever?

The post is titled “Times Square right now”, with a video of a billboard in Times Square with the text “$GME GO BRRR”. It was posted on Reddit on June 17th, 2020 by u/ReallyRickAstley, and yes, it is the real Rick Astley’s Reddit account. The Reddit post is titled, “I’ve found a few funny memories during lockdown.

What is the most famous Reddit post?

The most popular post had the headline ‘Times Square right now’ with 431 thousand upvotes, followed by ‘UPVOTE so everyone sees we got SUPPORT” with a total of 322 thousand upvotes.

What is the most liked comment on Reddit?

List Of Comments

Score* Comment Subreddit
98596 Link /r/iama
62857 Link /r/AskReddit
48357 Link /r/todayilearned
38593 Link /r/gameofthrones

What is the Ternion all powerful award?

The Ternion All-Powerful Award (often shortened as Ternion) is the most prestigious and expensive award on Reddit. It costs 50,000 Reddit coins, which is around $120.

What is the largest Subreddit?

The most popular subreddits have tens of millions of subscribers, the most subscribed subreddits being /r/announcements, /r/funny, and /r/AskReddit. With a reported 52 million daily active users, Reddit ranks among the most popular social networks worldwide.

What was the first subreddit?

So, surprise surprise, the first-ever subreddit was the /r/NSFW (not safe for work), which removed the nudity and racy posts from the home page. Next, Reddit admins created /r/science and /r/programming, two topics that to this day rank as the most popular on the platform.

What is a lot of upvotes on Reddit?

Generally speaking, you need (and this is in very rough terms) ~4,000 upvotes in a period of less than 6hrs to make it to the front page. Reddit employs an algorithm to move older posts down (no matter how many votes they get) in order to keep things fresh.

How much is 50k Reddit coins?

Awards that reward Premium and Coins

Name Cost
Ternion 50,000
Argentium 20,000
Platinum 1,800
Gold 500

How much does Reddit argentium cost?

The Argentium Award costs a whopping 20,000 Coins, and grants recipients three months of Reddit Premium plus 2,000 Coins. Somebody actually did the math on what Argentium costs in real life, compared to other Reddit Awards. If 40,000 Coins represents $100 U.S., then an Argentium Award costs $50.

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