What was wrong with Tom toe?

What was wrong with Tom toe?

Answer. Answer: She asked him what the matter was with him Tom said that his sore toe was mortified. No sooner did she threaten then stopped groaning and plain disappeared from the toe.

How did Aunt Polly find out that Tom had been out for swimming?

Aunt Polly finds out that Tom had been out swimming when Sid alerts her to the thread on Tom’s collar. Instead of the original white thread she used to sew on Tom’s collar, the thread is now black. This means that Tom took off his collar before he went for a swim.

What was Tom’s excuse on Monday morning?

Tom always gave an excuse on Monday mornings to avoid going to school. Explanation: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is one of the most popular children’s book written by the famous American writer Mark Twain. Tom was an orphan boy brought up by his aunt Polly.

Why does Aunt Polly care for Tom?

As the book shows, after his mother passes away, Tom is sent to live with his Aunt Polly. Although Aunt Polly struggles with disciplining Tom, she remains his primary caregiver. For example, Aunt Polly believes that children should be disciplined when they misbehave due to her personal religious convictions.

What did Tom tell Aunt Polly about his toe?

Tom tells her that his toe really had been hurting—even more than his tooth. She declares that the tooth should be removed. Tom is terrified, protesting that the tooth doesn’t hurt after all, and that he’ll go to school. Aunt Polly proceeds to tie one end of a string to his bed-post and the other to his tooth.

What lesson did Tom Sawyer learn?

If Tom would have just listened and painted the fence, he would have been saved from having to deal with the consequences later. The moral lessons learned in this book are a guideline to children to listen to your elders, follow the rules, and also gives the life lesson of being a loyal friend.

How did Tom get Sid’s attention?

– Sid was sleeping nearby and tom tried to get his attention initially by groaning. But Sid did not move. – Then he groaned louder panting with exertions and fancied having great pain. – Finally Tom shook Sid by calling out his name and thus Tom got Sid’s attention.

Why did Tom pretend his toe was paining?

Ans: Tom pretended his toe was paining because he wanted to stay at home avoiding scchool and go fishing.

What was Tom’s first skip school plan?

Tom attempts to avoid school by “playing” sick, groaning and moaning enough to wake Sid, who is sleeping by his side.

How does Aunt Polly realize that Tom has lied to her?

Summary and Analysis Chapters 19-20. That noon, Aunt Polly immediately accosts Tom for lying to her. She has visited with Mrs. Harper (whose son Joe had told her everything) and found out that Tom had actually been over that night and overheard everything that he pretended was in a wonderful dream.

What is the moral of the story Tom Sawyer?

And the fact that Tom felt so horrible for so long only teaches us that telling the truth will help take away that horrible burden. Honesty truly is the best policy. Bring extra food when spelunking, or, adversity makes you stronger. Tom showed his true colors when he and Becky were lost in the cave.

How did Aunt Polly feel after questioning Tom?

Aunt Polly suspected that Tom skipped school to go swimming. However, she could not come up with clear proof to confirm her suspicions. She reached out her hand to feel his shirt and discovered that it was dry.