What were the most significant causes and outcomes of the rebellions of 1837 38?

What were the most significant causes and outcomes of the rebellions of 1837 38?

Meanwhile, French Canadian farmers suffered through an economic depression in the 1830s. In the urban areas, tensions rose between French Canadians and the anglophone minority. All of this led to protest rallies across the colony and calls for armed insurrection from the more radical Patriotes.

Why was the rebellion of 1837 important?

The Rebellions of 1837–1838 (French: Les rébellions de 1837), were two armed uprisings that took place in Lower and Upper Canada in 1837 and 1838. Both rebellions were motivated by frustrations with lack of political reform.

What was William Lyon Mackenzie fighting for?

In the election for the 11th Parliament of Upper Canada in 1830, Mackenzie campaigned for legislative control of the budget, independent judges, an executive council that would report to the legislature, and equal rights for Christian denominations. He was re-elected to represent York County in the parliament.

Who led the 1837 rebellion in Upper Canada?

William Lyon Mackenzie
The Rebellion in Upper Canada was led by William Lyon Mackenzie, a Scottish-born newspaper publisher and politician who was a fierce critic of the Family Compact, an elite clique of officials and businessmen who dominated the running of the colony and its system of patronage.

How did the rebellion of 1837 end?

The rebels were severely defeated in subsequent battles at St. Charles and St. Eustache by British professionals, and Papineau was forced to flee to the United States to escape arrest and a charge of treason.

What did the Rebellion Losses Bill do?

The Rebellion Losses Bill (full name: An Act to provide for the Indemnification of Parties in Lower Canada whose Property was destroyed during the Rebellion in the years 1837 and 1838) was a controversial law enacted by the legislature of the Province of Canada in 1849.

Is General William Lyon still alive?

May 22, 2020William Lyon / Date of death

What reforms did Lord Durham recommend for Canada?

Durham made two main recommendations: that Upper and Lower Canada be united into one province, and. the introduction of responsible government for all colonies in British North America.

How is the Rebellion Losses Bill related to the responsible government?

It was similar to legislation for Upper Canada and was based upon a claims report approved in principle in 1846. LaFontaine saw the bill as a symbolic means to heal the wounds of the rebellion and buttress French Canadian claims to equality and power in the Canadas by testing the strength of responsible government.

Who did the Patriots threaten in Lower Canada?

The rebellion in Lower Canada, which is also known as the Patriots’ War (la Guerre des patriotes), also gave French Canadians one of their first nationalist heroes in Louis-Joseph Papineau. In 1837 and 1838, French Canadian militants in Lower Canada took up arms against the British Crown in a pair of insurrections.