What were three arguments of the Anti-Federalists?

What were three arguments of the Anti-Federalists?

Anti-Federalists were concerned about excessive power of national government

  • the excessive power of the national government at the expense of the state government;
  • the disguised monarchic powers of the president;
  • apprehensions about a federal court system;

What were the arguments of the Federalists and Anti-Federalists?

The Federalists wanted a strong government and strong executive branch, while the anti-Federalists wanted a weaker central government. The Federalists did not want a bill of rights —they thought the new constitution was sufficient. The anti-federalists demanded a bill of rights.

What were the major arguments of the Anti-Federalists?

The Anti-Federalists were not as organized as the Federalists. They did not share one unified position on the proper form of government. However, they did unite in their objection to the Constitution as it was proposed for ratification in 1787. The Anti-Federalists argued against the expansion of national power.

What was the federalist argument?

The Federalists argued that the federal courts had limited jurisdiction, leaving many areas of the law to the state and local courts. The Federalists felt that the new federal courts were necessary to provide checks and balances on the power of the other two branches of government.

What was the main argument of the Federalists quizlet?

The federalists argued that the constitution allowed the national government to exercise only enumerated powers. Nothing gave the national government authority over individuals. Adding a Bill of rights would imply that the national government had powers the constitution did not give it.

What were the major arguments in support of the Constitution given by the Federalists?

The Federalists argued that the Constitution perfectly balanced power between the branches and divisions. They also argued that the size of the United States allowed for the interests of every minority to be protected. The Federalists believed that the good virtues of men would support the republic.

What basic arguments did Federalists use to support ratification?

Federalists argued for counterbalancing branches of government. In light of charges that the Constitution created a strong national government, they were able to argue that the separation of powers among the three branches of government protected the rights of the people.

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