What word goes with break?

What word goes with break?


  • breaking.
  • outbreak.
  • breakout.
  • breakage.
  • daybreak.
  • tiebreak.
  • breakups.
  • breakers.

What words have a at the beginning?

The 9 letter words that start with A are associate, adventure, architect, ambitious, accompany, ambulance, appraisal, available, afternoon, advantage, abandoned, attending, affiliate, authentic, alternate, academics, amusement, advertise, algorithm, alcoholic, addiction, adjoining, affection, animation, etc.

What does break words mean?

To fail to act as one has promised. Tom said he’d help us move, but he broke his word and failed to show. If you keep flaking out, you’re going to become known as someone who breaks their word.

What word rhymes with break?

Word Rhyme rating Categories
fake 100 Adjective, Noun
ache 100 Noun, Verb
steak 100 Noun
partake 100 Verb

What are 2 synonyms for break?


  • break up,
  • bust,
  • disintegrate,
  • dismember,
  • disrupt,
  • fracture,
  • fragment,
  • rive.

What 4 letter word starts with a?

The four letter words that start with A are aged, amid, able, acid, away, army, area, also, atoms, anta, asks, aids, aims, axel, arms, alas, ages, anew, awed, axed, axis, apex, etc.

What is the verb of break?

break. / (breɪk) / verb breaks, breaking, broke or broken. to separate or become separated into two or more piecesthis cup is broken. to damage or become damaged so as to be inoperativemy radio is broken.

What is noun of break?

breakage. The act of breaking. Something that has been broken.

What is ex short for?

E.g. is another Latin abbreviations that stands for exemplia gratia. This translates to “for example” in English. Ex. is actually an English abbreviation. Many people think that it’s the short form of “example,” but it actually stands for “exercise.”

What is the prefix for ex?

ex- 1. a prefix meaning “out of,” “from,” and hence “utterly,” “thoroughly,” and sometimes meaning “not” or “without” or indicating a former title, status, etc.; freely used as an English formative: exstipulate; exterritorial; ex-president (former president); ex-member; ex-wife. Also e-1, ef-.