What year did Martin guitars stop using Brazilian rosewood?

What year did Martin guitars stop using Brazilian rosewood?

Supplies grew extremely thin in the late 1960s, however, and Martin and others stopped using Brazilian rosewood in 1969, moving over to Indian rosewood, then other varieties. In 1992, Brazilian rosewood was added to the CITES treaty, strictly banning its exportation.

What is the difference between Martin d28 and D-35?

The biggest difference is that the D-28 has a 2-piece back while the D-35 has a 3-piece back. Other differences include: The D-28 has a white Corian nut, while the D-35 uses bone. The D-28 has a micarta bridge saddle, while the D-35 uses bone.

Is Brazilian rosewood rare?

Characteristics of Brazilian Rosewood NOT AVAILABLE (Very Rare, cites ban of 1967 protects this species making this material illegal to export.)

Who plays a Martin D-35?

Artists as varied as Judy Collins, Pete Townsend, Rory Gallagher and Bruce Springsteen have all played D-35’s at some point in their career, no doubt drawn to the traditional yet unmistakably unique sound this model offers.

How can you tell Brazilian rosewood?

Bring the container under the blacklight and observe the results: true Brazilian Rosewood (Dalbergia nigra) will not fluoresce or show any appreciable change of color under the blacklight, while most other rosewoods will glow a pale blue/green color.

What is the D-35 Brazilian 50th Anniversary Edition?

Each D-35 Brazilian 50th Anniversary model bears an interior label personally signed by C. F. Martin IV, an Anniversary booklet and is numbered in sequence with the edition total. Limited to 100.

What kind of bracing does the Martin D-35 have?

Bracing also is crucial when it comes to shaping tone. The Martin D-35 is made with forward-shifted X bracing that isn’t scalloped. Forward-shifted bracing is used on some Martin models (this video compares the different bracing positions used on Martin instruments).

Why did Martin make the D-35 guitar?

The Martin D-35 dreadnought acoustic guitar was birthed in the folk music boom of the 1960s. Designed in 1965, the D-35 was created because Martin was experiencing a shortage of rosewood wide enough to build their famous D-28.

Should I try out the Martin D-35 before buying?

It’s usually wise to try out a guitar in person before buying, but this is not always possible. We’ve found a few reviews of the Martin D-35 to help you make a decision.

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