Whats better 115 grain or 124-grain 9mm?

Whats better 115 grain or 124-grain 9mm?

If you take a look at the bullet description, you will know that there is no difference in the bullet’s size. The shot with 115 grains and 124 grains has an equal bullet size and shell shape. There is nothing to do with the gun powder.

Is 124 grain 9mm subsonic?

DESCRIPTION. T1 Ammo’s most popular subsonic round, the 9mm 124 GR, is the perfect balance between the explosive nature of the 115 GR load and the lower felt recoil of the 147 GR.

What grain 9mm has less recoil?

The Atlanta Arms 100-grain load has about 31 percent less recoil than the Winchester 115-grain load. These 100-grain 9mm loads are well suited for Steel Challenge.

Is 124-grain 9mm subsonic?

Is more grain in a bullet better?

Conclusion: Bullet Grain Lighter weight generally means more speed and distance, but also more recoil and less power at the target. Lighter bullets are good for competition and long-range shooting. Heavier weight generally means more effectiveness, making them excellent for defense, large game and combat.

What grain makes 9mm subsonic?

147 grains
The most common target load for 9mm bullets is 115 grains, but a heavier bullet of 147 grains will be subsonic. The other way is to reduce the powder load. Decreasing the amount of propellant in the cartridge means the bullet will be moving slower when it exits the barrel.

What is the heaviest 9mm bullet?

The usual bullet weights for 9mm Luger range from 115 to 147 grains. Lighter and heavier bullets can be had, but they are not common for factory loads. The heavy bullets are generally 158-grains, but 165-grain bullets can also be had.

What are the ballistics of a 9mm round?

A 9mm round’s ballistics depend upon which of the three common bullet weights it’s equipped with: Bear in mind that these numbers vary by manufacturer. Those who prefer lightweight 9mm projectiles enjoy lower recoil; If you select heavier bullets benefit from deeper penetration of the target.

How far can a 9mm bullet drop?

Bullet drop tends to range from 10 to 12” at 100 yards. That’s likely more distance than you’ll need for self-defense. 9mm loads frequently deliver a muzzle energy greater than 300 ft lbs.

What are the different types of 9mm ammo?

Factory loaded rounds are most commonly available with 115, 124, or 147 grain projectiles. As the most popular handgun cartridge, 9mm ammo is available with every conceivable type of projectile including frangible, shot, rubber, and blank. 25 yds.

Is a 9mm good for hunting?

While not typically considered a hunting round by any means, the 9mm is effective for varmints and even deer hunting with a suitable bullet. The 9mm was developed by Georg Luger in 1901, who based it upon his earlier 7.65×21mm Parabellum.

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