When did Cameron Diaz get married?

When did Cameron Diaz get married?

January 5, 2015 (Benji Madden)Cameron Diaz / Wedding date

The couple, who married in 2015, share 2-year-old daughter Raddix. Cameron Diaz is opening up how her marriage to husband Benji Madden has made her value herself more.

Is Cameron Diaz wedding?

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden have kept the majority of their 7-year marriage private, but on their wedding anniversary, the couple took to Instagram to gush about the other and how deeply in love they remain.

How long has Cameron Diaz been married?

seven years
The actress and Good Charlotte singer have been married for seven years. Cameron Diaz and her husband Benji Madden were inundated with congratulatory messages on Thursday as they marked a special celebration.

Did Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise date?

PHOTOS: Cameron Diaz’s romantic history “It’s false,” Cruise’s rep told E! News of reports he’s dating Diaz. “They are friends.”

Did Ashton Kutcher ever date Cameron Diaz?

Other celebs Cameron Diaz has dated include Justin Timberlake, Alex Rodriguez, and Jared Leto—not to mention her husband Benji Madden. Although she has great chemistry with Ashton Kutcher, the two were never in a relationship.

How tall is Joel Madden?

5′ 7″Joel Madden / Height

How long has Cameron Diaz been married and is he married?

“Today 7 years married ❤️ Always dreamed of having a family like this. Happy, peaceful, consistent, loyal and unconditional equally filled with passion and depth,” he wrote on Instagram of Diaz, 49, alongside a photo of artwork.

What did Cameron Diaz say about his honeymoon?

“Calling it a Honeymoon doesn’t cover it. Real life. The only real challenge we have is making time go slower cause life goes by fast in the happy lane,” he added. “Always and forever knowing we are home @camerondiaz Happy Anniversary I love you!”

What did Emma Madden say to Cameron Diaz on their wedding anniversary?

Madden, who shared a piece of art of a tiger sitting alongside a plant, concluded the romantic message in saying, ‘Always and forever knowing we are home @camerondiaz Happy Anniversary I love you!’

Who is Cameron Diaz’s husband Benji Madden?

Benji Madden commemorated his seventh wedding anniversary to wife Cameron Diaz Wednesday in an emotional Instagram post. The Good Charlotte guitarist, 42, took to Instagram with a kind message as he and the There’s Something About Mary actress, 49, reached the marital milestone.