When did the A3 saloon come out?

When did the A3 saloon come out?

Audi A3
Audi A3 Saloon (4th generation)
Manufacturer Audi AG
Production 1996–present

When did the new Audi A3 come out?

The five-door hatchback will be the first new A3 to arrive next year, replacing the model that was introduced at the 2012 Geneva motor show. The final variant will be the five-door liftback, which isn’t expected until 2021 – the third year of the fourth-generation A3’s lifespan.

Is there a new Audi A3 coming out?

After skipping the 2021 model year, Audi’s entry-level car is all-new for 2022 and features sharper styling and modernized interior tech. The A3 will be sold exclusively in sedan form in North America, while the hatchback Sportback model will be sold in Europe and other global markets.

Does Audi make the A3 for 2021?

A 48-volt mild-hybrid system will be standard in the U.S. on the new 2021 Audi A3 sedan. Audi has given the automotive world its first look at the new 2021 Audi A3 sedan, and the car’s Coke-bottle side surfacing makes this four-door potentially the freshest-looking new Audi in many years.

How much is the 2021 Audi A3?

The 2021 Audi A3 will be the most accessible Audi vehicle to date because of its low starting price. The current base MSRP is $34,295, making it a cost-effective and competitive option in its class.

Will there be a 2022 Audi A3?

The Audi A3 compact luxury sedan is all-new for 2022, though its engines are carried over from the old model. The body has been redesigned, interior specifications are improved, and Audi’s flagship infotainment system is standard in every model. There’s also an impressive safety roster across this three-trim range.

Why is there no 2021 Audi A3?

There will also be a new S3 – which in European specification, gets a 306hp 2.0L turbo, but according to the Audi rep, it won’t go on sale in North America until next year, as a 2022MY as well. The A3 will miss one year in America, as a generational shift causes Audi USA to skip the 2021 model year.

How much will the 2021 Audi A3 cost?

The Audi A3 2021 prices range from $28,800 for the basic trim level Other A3 30 Tfsi (1.0 Tfsi) to $64,570 for the top of the range Convertible A3 40 Tfsi Quattro S Line Plus. The Audi A3 2021 comes in Convertible, Other and Sedan.

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