When did the Fox Theater in St Louis Open?

When did the Fox Theater in St Louis Open?

January 31, 1929
The Fox Theatre has a fabulous history, beginning when the theatre opened on January 31, 1929 as one of the crown jewels in William Fox’s motion picture empire. Billed as “St. Louis’ largest and most magnificent temple of amusement,” the theatre anchored St. Louis’ entertainment area along North Grand Boulevard.

When did the Fox Theater stop showing movies?

Film Industry Significance – a Hollywood Test Site Despite the changes in ownership, from its opening in 1929 until the 1960s, the Fox Theater was used by the Hollywood-based film industry to show previews of future film releases before final editing.

Who owns the Fox Theatre in St Louis?

Under the title of the St. Louis Amusement Company, the Arthur Family keeps the Fox in business, resorting to Kung Fu movies and occasional rock concerts to stay open. In 1978 the doors are locked tight, ending the Arthur era at the Fox. Not quite fifty years old, the Fox seems doomed.

How many people does the Fox Theater in St Louis seat?

4,500The Fabulous Fox / Capacity

Why is the Fox Theatre famous?

It became famous for the many Hollywood movie premieres held there and remains one of the main venues for movie premieres in Los Angeles. National General Theatres, the former Fox Theatres-West Coast, sold the theater to Ted Mann, then owner of the Chinese Theatre, and it became part of the Mann Theatres chain.

When was the Save the Fox campaign?

A “Save the Fox” poster from 1976 advertises “An Evening at the Fox” fund-raising event held by Delta Zeta sorority. During the 1970s, the theater was threatened with demolition, but efforts by Atlanta historic preservation groups prevented its destruction.

How long did the Fox Theater take to build?

18 months
It took 18 months for the project to be completed. When it opened in 1893, it was one of the largest theaters in the world.

Who is Mary Strauss?

Mary Strauss is a St. Louis philanthropist best known for saving the historic St. Louis Fox Theater. In the 1980s, she helped return the 4,500-seat “movie palace” to its original 1929 glamour, and today the theater hosts the biggest names in live entertainment and Broadway plays.

How long is Hamilton at the Fox?

Over the course of its almost three-hour runtime, the show deep dives into the motivations and desires of its two leading men—Hamilton himself; and Aaron Burr, his friend, rival and foil—and by its dramatic conclusion one understands exactly why they act as they do.

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