Where are AUTOart models made?

Where are AUTOart models made?

Hong Kong
AUTOart is a Hong Kong-based diecast model car line sold by AA Collection Ltd. The company was formerly owned by Gateway Global Ltd., which was based in Costa Mesa, California.

Are AUTOart models good?

AUTOart pricing varies, but most 1:18 starts well north of $129, but are absolutely worth it. As of late, AUTOart’s prices have gone up, and rightly so, with quality this good. The mesh on the motorsport kit is separate and noticeably softer than the body itself, just like the real thing.

Is AUTOart a resin?

AUTOart has decided that instead of resin, it will transition to a composite model that uses injection-molded ABS composite parts. Modern injected ABS composites have proven to be an ideal material to form the body of a model car.

How long does AUTOart take to deliver?

Pre-ordered products typically ship within 2-4 weeks, although the waiting time may be longer in some cases.

What is a composite model car?

Our latest innovation is composite models, or exquisitely crafted replicas made from a hybrid of different materials that have been selected and engineered to produce both the supreme finish detail and high value our collectors demand. Model making will never be the same.

Does autoart use real carbon fiber?

This interesting design uses two pieces of machined aluminum billet at the top and bottom, with real carbon fiber in the middle.

Does Maisto make good cars?

Maisto 1/18 scale die-cast cars are generally very good to excellent for the money. This one even more so than normal. The paint finish and opening panel fit are very good. The working suspension springs and steerable front wheels are a nice touch.

What is the difference between diecast and resin?

Resin is a more flexible material than the zinc alloy used to make diecast models. Diecast models are made of metal which allows them to be a bit stronger and allows to have lots of doors and panels that can be opened.

Where are Spark models made?

Initially concentrating on the cars at the “back of the grid” ignored by the then existing major manufactures, the models were produced in small runs of around 700-1000 pieces. Along with partners he started a factory in Southern China.

What is a resin car model?

A resin model car will look more realistic than its diecast counterpart because of the resin cast, which is made of soft silicone. Lots more manual work typically goes into resin scale model cars to add extra details such as antennas, seatbelts, spare wheels and a vast amount of interior detailing.

What is a composite diecast model?

Are Bburago and Maisto the same?

Bb Junior. The new line of preschool vehicles from May Cheong Group, the company behind the world famous brand Maisto and Bburago.