Where are LAUFEN toilets made?

Where are LAUFEN toilets made?

The high-quality bathroom ceramics, today produced in the state-of-art factory in Bechyně, are certified to international ISO 9001 quality standards.

Who makes LAUFEN?

the ROCA umbrella
LAUFEN, the premium brand under the ROCA umbrella, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers with a global distribution network. The company’s core competence is its knowledge in the area of sanitary ware manufacturing.

Is LAUFEN part of ROCA?

LAUFEN becomes part of the ROCA group, and thus belongs to one of the largest and most influential enterprises in the bathroom and sanitary ware industry.

Are Imex toilets good?

The Imex sanitary ware, crafted from the finest quality material is extremely durable. The white colour pan is attractively hand-finished and complements any style settings. It is backed with 25-years of guarantee from the company, for manufacturing defects.

Is Laufen a good make?

Laufen manufactures discreet bathroom products with supreme reliability. With a wide range of bathroom products in various sizes, finishes, and orientations, the brand proves to be the best solution, when it comes to creating a designer bathroom, within budget.

Where is Roca manufactured?

Roca is a bathroom manufacturer whose products are made in Spain and seen all over the world.

How do you tighten a Swiss Madison toilet seat?

Insert screw and nut into the hole on the hinge. Attach blind hole screw fixing to the bottom of screw. Insert hinges with blind hole screw fixings attached into holes on toilet bowl. Lightly tighten hinges with a screwdriver too allow for later adjustment.

How do you conjugate Laufen?

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