Where are ON3P made?

Where are ON3P made?

Portland, Oregon
ON3P Skis | Handmade Skis | Built with Pride in Portland, Oregon.

How do you pronounce ON3P skis?

The project was given the name ON3P Skis (Oh-Ehn-Three-Pea) after the names of the cross streets of the house I lived at in Tacoma (Thirteenth and Proctor = ON(e) 3 P).

Is ON3P good?

The ON3P Wrenegade 108 and Jeffrey 108 are both very, very good. But their respective demographics are narrower than that of the Woodsman 108. The Woodsman 108 is quite stable, pretty playful, versatile across a lot of conditions and terrain, and accepts a wide variety of skiing styles.

What does ON3P stand for?

ON3 is supposed to be ONE and then 3, so 13. and P stands for Proctor. The company started on 13 Proctor, an address.

What is a park detune?

Detuning is dulling parts of the edge on a ski or snowboard, typically with a file. The areas that are detuned most often are the contact points, or the flat part at the nose and tail of a ski or snowboard.

How did on3p get its name?

It stands for thirteenth and proctor which was the house I lived at when this idea started. But again, really simple. O N 3 P Skis. As I thought about it more and more, I got it in my head that I should just build my own skis.

Are ON3P skis worth it?

Having ridden multiple pairs of ON3P’s over the years (Kartel’s/Jeffrey’s) for mostly park skiing I can absolutely say they’re absolutely worth the money. Scott and the guys at ON3P do a fantastic job and make an awesome product. Nothing against Line skis but I stand behind ON3P and the products they are making.

Are ON3P skis durable?

ON3P has been making skis in Portland Oregon since 2009 and since the beginning had a product that stood out. Now 10 years later their skis are still designed to be rockered yet aggressive and are arguably some of the most durable skis on the market.

Where does the name on3p come from?

Can you ski powder with all mountain skis?

All-mountain skis with 85mm–95mm are best for a mix of groomed and powder. Many all-mountain skis have deep sidecuts and rockered tips to make them easy to turn. They hold an edge on groomed routes and hard snow, and high-end models can satisfy performance expectations of expert-class skiers.

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