Where are pioneer boats manufactured?

Where are pioneer boats manufactured?

Pioneer Boats are made in the Carolina Composites factory in Walterboro, South Carolina, right off Interstate 95. In addition to Pioneer boats, the Bulls Bay and Avenger lines, both owned by Carolina Composites, are built.

Do they still make Pioneer boats?

Currently, the company employs 90 at their manufacturing facility, located at 208 Upchurch Lane in Walterboro, just off Exit 57 on I-95, where, in addition to the renowned Pioneer Boats, the company also manufactures Bulls Bay and Avenger boats.

What are Pioner boats made from?

Our boats are made from polyethylene, a highly robust material containing UV stabilisers, using a rotational moulding process. Moulded in one piece, they can withstand shocks, impacts, large temperature fluctuations and strong sunlight.

Are Pioneer Boats unsinkable?

Flotation – All Pioneers are unsinkable! While utilizing a 2.3 LB density closed cell foam, our flotation foam is 30% more dense than the industry standard.

Are scout and pioneer boats the same?

The pioneer is about 2k more than the scout however does come with a 115 vs 90 on scout. Also pioneer has torsion trailer vs spring on scout. And the pioneer also has hydraulic steering. Both units are new.

Are plastic boats durable?

The flexibility of plastic boat hulls makes them nearly indestructible. Boat plastics, especially polycarbonate blends, are perfect for windshields because they are stronger than glass and just as clear. Some marine plastic, like HDPE, is skid-resistant, making it perfect for decking.

Are pioneer boats wood free?

Wood free – Pioneer boats are 100% composite. No organic materials at all. Where plywood is the normal method of construction for many, our laminates are cored with structural PVC materials to insure Pioneers are light weight, rigid and absolutely will not ROT. Flotation – All Pioneers are unsinkable!

Who started pioneer boats?

Pioneer Boats, based in Walterboro, South Carolina is successfully launching multiple boat lines from the Lowcountry. Co-owners Mike Holmes and Roy McSwain, who both grew up in boat-building families, started Carolina Composites, a boat specialty parts manufacturer, in 1999.

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