Where can I buy Shaoxing rice wine?

Where can I buy Shaoxing rice wine?

Shaoxing wine can be commonly found at any Chinese grocery store, and there are quite a few brands. Most of them come in a red bottle (one brand seems to have created the design and others followed suit).

Is rice wine the same as Chinese cooking wine?

Cooking Sake / Japanese Rice Wine – this is a bit lighter in flavour than Chinese cooking wine, but is an acceptable substitute and the best substitute.

What can I use in place of Chinese rice wine?

Rice wine is ideal for both cooking and drinking. The most popular varieties include huangjiu, mirin, and sake. If you’ve run out or are looking for an alternative, try swapping for equal amounts of dry sherry, white wine, dry vermouth, or white grape juice.

Is mirin the same as Chinese rice wine?

Mirin is a type of rice wine that is sweeter than other rice wines used for cooking. Rice wines are found in most Asian countries, while mirin is mainly found in Japan or Japanese cuisine.

Can I use rice wine instead of Shaoxing wine?

OR – Alternately use Japanese Sake rice wine, which will be sweeter and lacks the “nutty” flavor, but if you have it in your pantry, it will be a decent substitute. OR – If by chance you have a bottle of cooking sherry or cooking Shaoxing wine you can use it but you may want to adjust the salt in your recipe.

Is Chinese rice wine and rice vinegar the same?

1. Rice wine has a sweet, mild flavour and is usually lower in alcohol content. On the other hand, rice vinegar has a sweet, acidic taste similar to those of other types of vinegar like apple cider vinegar. Also, unlike rice wine, rice vinegar is usually only used in small quantities.

Can I use cooking wine instead of rice wine?

Avoid using cooking wine and rice wine vinegars as replacements for rice wine, as they have entirely different flavors. Even Chinese and Japanese rice wines differ in flavor. So they may not work as substitutes for each other, in all recipes.

Can I use Shaoxing instead of rice wine?

Available at liquor stores, pale dry sherry is the most commonly recommended substitute for rice wine. It comes closest in flavor to Shaoxing rice wine (also spelled Shao-hsing or Shaohsing), an amber-colored wine made with glutinous rice, wheat yeast, and spring water.

Can I skip rice wine in a recipe?

If you are looking for something without alcohol, apple juice or white grape juice are good substitutions. The acid in the juice acts as a tenderizer, making it an acceptable replacement for rice wine in stir-fry marinades. However, keep in mind that the flavor won’t be quite the same and, in fact, a bit sweeter.

Is Chinese rice wine the same as rice vinegar?