Where can I find butterfly wings in Skyrim?

Where can I find butterfly wings in Skyrim?


  • 2 wings are gained from harvesting Monarch Butterflies.
  • There is a place where many can be found.
  • An abundance of Butterflies can be found at Autumnshade Clearing.
  • Wherever there are flowers (Lavender, Tundra Cotton, etc.)
  • Sometimes for sale in Alchemist shops.
  • Can be found in Apothecary’s Satchels.

Where can I find blue butterflies?

Blue morphos live in the tropical forests of Latin America from Mexico to Colombia. Adults spend most of their time on the forest floor and in the lower shrubs and trees of the understory with their wings folded.

Where is the ancestor moth wing?

Ancestor Moth Wings can be acquired by catching Ancestor Moths which have landed on the surface of various flora around Ancestor Glade. Swarms of flying Ancestor Moths can be found throughout the glade, but cannot be harvested.

Where can I find butterfly wings in eso?

Butterfly Wing is an alchemy reagent which was added in Update 10. It is occasionally found by catching Butterflies (though usually you just get Insect Parts).

What can you mix with blue butterfly wings in Skyrim?

You receive two wings for each butterfly you catch. They can be used in conjunction with a blue mountain flower and a giant’s toe to create the second most valuable (monetarily) mixture in the game.

Is a blue butterfly rare?

Blue is the rarest occurring colour in nature, with no true blue pigments in plants. In some ways, blue butterflies are natures way of completing the colour spectrum. From South American wonders to local Tropical icons, here’s some stunning blue butterflies from around the world…

Where is the ancient moth in Skyrim?

The Ancestor Moth is a rare indigenous gypsy moth that is found throughout Ancestor Glades of Tamriel, but can mostly be found deep within the Jerall Mountains of Cyrodiil where they are worshipped and cared for by the Cult of the Ancestor Moth.

Where is the Ancestor Glade in Skyrim?

Located just east of Falkreath, this Ancestor Glade is one of many in Tamriel and is the sacred breeding grounds to a special type of moth called Ancestor Moths.

How do you get clam gall?

Clam Gall is an alchemy ingredient which can be found on Summerset Isle. They are gathered from Giant Clams, a node type only found on the beach. They are a common reward in Shell Troves, containers that spawn from completing Abyssal Geysers in Summerset.

Where is Dragonthorn eso?

It can be found growing in all zones, with the exception of Coldharbour (outside of the Hollow City). Like the other non-mushroom plants, it tends to grow out in the open.