Where did Stanley Matthews live in Blackpool?

Where did Stanley Matthews live in Blackpool?

The footballer, who died aged 85 in 2000, lived in the Victorian property on St Annes Road in the town when he played for the Seasiders between 1947 and 1961 after joining from his hometown club Stoke City.

When did Stanley Matthews play for Blackpool?

Named the first European Footballer of the Year (1941), Matthews was transferred (traded) to Blackpool in 1946. With that team he competed in the 1953 Football Association Cup Final, considered to be his most famous game.

Where is Stanley Matthews buried?

Britannia Stadium
His funeral was attended by many of his fellow footballers, such as Bobby Charlton and Jack Charlton, Gordon Banks, Nat Lofthouse and Tom Finney. His ashes were buried beneath the centre circle of Stoke City’s Britannia Stadium, which he had officially opened in August 1997.

Was Stanley Matthews ever booked?

During an illustrious playing career spanning 39 years, Sir Stanley Matthews was justly renowned for his gentlemanly observation of the rules of football. In nearly 700 league games, he did not receive a single booking.

Where is Stanley Matthews statue?

The three nine-foot statues were made by local artists, showing Sir Stanley at different stages of his football career, which spanned more than 30 years. The location of the statue is Stoke City FC’s home, the Britannia Stadium but it points towards the club’s old Victoria Ground where Sir Stanley used to play.

Where is Stanley Matthews from?

Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, United KingdomStanley Matthews / Place of birth

Who is the only footballer never booked?

The most recent player to go through an entire career without being booked is BBC’s man, Gary Lineker. The Englishman started his career with Leicester City, moved to Everton, then to Barcelona and ended his European stint with a move to London’s Tottenham Hotspur.

When was Stanley Matthews born?

February 1, 1915Stanley Matthews / Date of birth

How much did Stanley Matthews earn?

However, back in 1932 Matthews did get a £10 signing on fee ‘plus the usual bonus’. And in 1935 his wages rose to a mighty £7 a week – £8 if he made it into the first team. That equated to around £350 a year. Stanley Matthews 1932 contract on offer at the Hansons auction in Derbyshire on August 22.

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