Where do ayu fish live?

Where do ayu fish live?

East Asia
Native to East Asia, it is distributed in the northwestern Pacific Ocean along the coast of Hokkaidō in Japan southward to the Korean Peninsula, China, Hong Kong and northern Vietnam. It is amphidromous, moving between coastal marine waters and freshwater lakes and rivers.

What do ayu fish eat?

Another unique point of Ayu is food. It doesn’t eat worms or small insects, on behalf, it has moss. Ayu is one of anadromous fish so it’s born in a river and grows up in the ocean and comes back to its native river again. When it’s young, it has microbes in ocean but after that it has only moss or alga.

What is the English name of ayu?

Ayu (given name)

Meaning Javanese: “beautiful,” or “gorgeous”
Region of origin
Other names
Related names Ayudisa, Ayudia, Ayunda, Ayumi, Ayuni, and Ayuningtyas

What does the name ayu mean?

very feminine, beautiful
Ayu Origin and Meaning The name Ayu is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name of Indonesian origin meaning “very feminine, beautiful”. A common Indonesian name that is sometimes (as with Mary here) joined with another, as in ‘Ayu’ and ‘Tyas,’ which becomes ‘Ayuningtyas’ and means beautiful heart.

What is ayu in English?

ayu {adjective} beautiful {adj.}

Which animal is ayu?

An ayu is a species of fish that is the only member of the Plecoglossidae family. It is found in lakes and rivers as well as coastal regions throughout Japan, China and Taiwan. The ayu is sometimes known as the sweetfish due to its sweet tasting flesh.

What does ayu taste like?

Ayu, which is translated “sweetfish” because of its unique flavor said to resemble watermelon, is a summer delicacy. No Japanese can pass summer without savoring it at least two or three times at home or restaurants. The ayu fish lives both in salt and fresh water.

Where is the name Ayu from?

Ayu (given name)

Pronunciation Ayu
Gender Female
Word/name Japanese, Javanese
Meaning Javanese: “beautiful,” or “gorgeous”

What is Ayu in Japanese?

Etymology. From Japanese 鮎 (ayu, “sweetfish”).

What ayu means?

Origin. Word/name. Japanese, Javanese. Meaning. Javanese: “beautiful,” or “gorgeous”

How do you catch ayu fish?

The method used today to catch ayu is a very interesting one found only in Japan. It takes advantage of the fish’s own territorial instinct. A ring is attached to the nose of a live ayu, and another hook to its belly. The ring is then attached to the fishing line, and the fish is sent out into the stream.