Where do I farm Ribbon FFX?

Where do I farm Ribbon FFX?

The Ribbon can be obtained by leveling up Craft to level 50, stolen from Ritz and Shara in Mission #023: Over The Hill, or Elementalist in Mission #021: Materite Now!, and as a reward for a “Town-Town-Town-Town” Treasure Hunt. Alternatively, Shara comes equipped with a Ribbon after recruiting her.

How do I customize Ribbon FFX?

Ribbon is an Armor Auto-Ability for the game Final Fantasy X. Its effect almost completely protects against all status ailments. It can be customized to an armor by using 99 Dark Matters.

How much dark matter is needed for Ribbon?

On armor, 99 Dark Matters can be used to add the Ribbon auto-ability.

How do I get bevelle Ribbon?

The Ribbon can be obtained in the Bevelle Underground starting at the end of Chapter 2 during the Infiltrate Bevelle mission. It is located relatively early in the dungeon, and can be acquired in the room with the security towers after aligning the first three platforms to reveal the path forward.

What drops dark matter FFX?

Dark Matter has a 1/8 chance of dropping from monster arena creations. This will likely be the first time you’ll gain a Dark Matter as the latter options of getting a dark matter sports a higher difficulty (but much more efficient).

How do I get Dark Knight Dressphere?

The Dark Knight is a dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2 obtained in the Bevelle Underground in Chapters 2, 3, or 5, in a treasure chest near the end of the area.

How do you get to Bevelle Underground?

The Gullwings learn from the Leblanc Syndicate that an ancient machina weapon called Vegnagun is hidden beneath Bevelle. The two groups infiltrate Bevelle, jump into the hole in the Chamber of the Fayth, and discover the Bevelle Underground, a hidden complex filled with machina remaining from the Machina War.

How much health does Ultima Buster have?

Ultima Buster Basic Information

Name Ultima Buster
HP(Overkill) 5000000 (99999) 140
AP(Overkill) 50000 (50000)
Drop (7/8) Winning Formula 1 (2) Dark Matter 1 (2)
steal (3/4) Gambler’s Spirit 1 Lv.3 Key Sphere 1

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