Where do I find chart tools in Excel 2010?

Where do I find chart tools in Excel 2010?

Seek Chart Tools in Ribbon if you do not have Classic Menu for Office

  • Click the Insert tab;
  • Go to the Chart Layouts group;
  • Select one chart type and insert a chart into worksheet;
  • Select the chart, and then Design tab, Layout tab, and Format tab appear in the far right of Ribbon.

How do you create a trend chart in Excel 2010?

How to make a trendline in Excel 2010

  1. On a chart, click the data series for which you want to draw a trendline.
  2. Under Chart Tools, go to the Layout tab > Analysis group, click Trendline and either: Pick one of the predefined options, or. Click More Trendline Options…, and then choose the trendline type for your chart.

How do you show seasonality in Excel?

Enter the following formula into cell C2: “=B2 / B$15” omitting the quotation marks. This will divide the actual sales value by the average sales value, giving a seasonal index value.

Where is charts in Excel?

Click INSERT > Recommended Charts. On the Recommended Charts tab, scroll through the list of charts that Excel recommends for your data, and click any chart to see how your data will look. If you don’t see a chart you like, click All Charts to see all the available chart types.

Where do I find chart elements in Excel?

  1. Click anywhere in the chart. This displays the Chart Tools, adding the Design, Layout, and Format tabs.
  2. On the Format tab, in the Current Selection group, click the arrow next to the Chart Elements box, and then select the chart element that you want to format.

Why won’t Excel let me insert a graph?

If you are typing in a cell or editing cell content, you cannot insert charts or images. You first have to “leave” the cell. When you edit a cell (highlighted here) you cannot insert and objects, such as charts or images. The buttons are greyed out.

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