Where do I go after Iron Keep Dark Souls 2?

Where do I go after Iron Keep Dark Souls 2?

To reach them, you must get through 3 areas along the path to them.

  1. Lost Sinner: No-Man’s Warf (or FoFG), Lost Bastille, Sinner’s Rise.
  2. Old Iron King: Huntsman’s Copse, Harvest Vally, Iron Keep.
  3. The Rotten: (Grave of Saints optional) Gutter, Black Gulch.

Where do I go after getting the king’s ring?

The King’s Ring must be worn to open each one of the three King’s Gates:

  • The first gate can be found in Drangleic Castle and leads to the Throne of Want.
  • The second gate can be found in Shaded Woods and leads to Aldia’s Keep.
  • The third gate can be found in the Forest of Fallen Giants and leads to the Memory of Jeigh.

What to do after getting 4 Great souls ds2?

Collecting these 4 souls will allow progression through Winter’s Keep into Drangleic Castle. The final area through this route is Undead Crypt where the boss is Velstadt, guard of King Vendrick. Near to Vendrick is the King’s Ring, needed to gain access to Aldia’s Keep, Throne of Want and Dream of the Giant.

What to do after lighting all primal bonfires?

Go to the Shaded Woods, Ruined Fork Road bonfire and take the left route. The left-most path, the path you’re referring to is the middle, the one you want to take should be opposite the path to the misty area.

Is the a bonfire before Drangleic Castle?

King’s Gate: After entering Drangleic Castle, run along the right staircase and go through the door, open the door on the right side of the room. Descend the ladder and enter through two sets of blue doors, the bonfire will be in front of you after the second door.

Where do I go after killing the last giant in Dark Souls 2?

Defeating the Last Giant provides a large amount of souls, but don’t head back to the bonfire and travel to Majula to level up your character just yet. Instead, head back to the bonfire and go up the stairs near the entrance.

What are the 4 main bosses in Dark Souls 2?

The four current owners of the Great Souls as the Bearer of the Curse’s arrival in Drangleic are the Old Iron King, the Lost Sinner, The Rotten and The Duke’s Dear Freja.

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