Where do I put TS3 plugins?

Where do I put TS3 plugins?

But no worries, you still can install any plugin manually.

  1. Rename the plugin file from name. ts3_plugin to name. zip .
  2. Extract the zip to find a folder called plugins.
  3. Copy all the contents from this plugins folder to here: %appdata%/TS3Client/plugins/
  4. Restart the TS3 client.

How do I get rid of salty chat?

How to uninstall your plugins in TeamSpeak 3

  1. Launch the TeamSpeak 3 client on your desktop.
  2. At the top left side of your screen, click Tools, and select Options.
  3. Click “Addons” and go to the Plugins section.
  4. Look for the plugin that you want to remove from the app and click the “Uninstall” button.

How do I get a ts3 overlay?

Working Teamspeak 3 Overlay – DX11 [No Overwolf]

  1. SETUP.
  2. – Download TSNotifier.
  3. – Run the installer (When prompted click “Install” for the teamspeak plugin)
  4. – Restart Teamspeak.
  5. – Run TSNotifier (It will be minimized near where the clock is on your taskbar)
  6. – Right-Click the icon and click “Edit gamesettings.ini”

How do I manually install TeamSpeak addons?

2. Install the Plugin

  1. Download the plugin by clicking the links above.
  2. Make sure your TeamSpeak is completely closed.
  3. Open the installer by double-clicking the download, click Install , then click Yes in both popups.
  4. Open TeamSpeak back up and make sure you have the plugin installed and started. a.

How does salty chat work?

Salty Chat is a TeamSpeak voice plugin which adds more realism to your gamemode (like GTA 5 FiveM/RAGEMP). In order to serve a wide range of mods, the plugin provides a WebSocket server, which allows bidirectional communication.

What is salty chat?

TeamSpeak 3 voice plugin which adds more realism to your gamemode (like RedM, FiveM, RAGEMP or alt:V).

How do you get ACRE2 on TeamSpeak?


  1. Subscribe to ACRE2 on Steam (make sure you are also subscribed to CBA_A3).
  2. Launch Arma 3.
  3. ACRE2 will try to copy the plugins to your TeamSpeak 3 installation directory. A pop-up will appear describing what the process did.
  4. Launch TeamSpeak 3 and assure the ACRE2 plugin is enabled in the Settings -> Plugins window.

How do I manually install TokoVOIP?

How to Install TokoVOIP

  1. Install the downloaded ts3_plugin, it will prompt you to install it into Teamspeak.
  2. Restart Teamspeak once installed.
  3. If installed correctly, under the Plugins menu you should now see “TokoVoip”

What is Overwolf ts3?

The Overwolf TeamSpeak Plugin allows your app to perform TeamSpeak server, channel and client related operations. You can read the full list of functions and events available in the TeamSpeak Plugin in its GitHub repository .

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