Where do you go to start the Dragonborn DLC?

Where do you go to start the Dragonborn DLC?

To begin Dragonborn, you must travel to Solstheim. This can be done at any points after installing the game add-on content by travelling to the Windhelm docks and locating Gjalund Salt-Sage, a sea captain that may be willing to take you to the island for a small fee.

Where does Dawnguard DLC take place?

The location of Fort Dawnguard can only be accessed via Dayspring Canyon, Northwest of Stendarr’s Beacon. The initial path leads straight to a glacial waterfall overlooking a lake.

How do you get to the DLC island in Skyrim?

Getting Started Players can either wait until they are accosted by two cultists in Skyrim that will ask if you are the Dragonborn, whereupon defeating them will yield a clue as to their motives – or players can simply head to Windhelm and take a boat to the island of Solstheim.

How do I start the serana quest?

Speak to Harkon and listen to his speech to begin this quest. Serana will quickly track you down and begin speaking to you. She offers her services as a follower but doesn’t like to be the third wheel, so you’ll have to ask your current follower to scram if you want Serana’s help.

How do you start the Dragonborn DLC main quest?

Dragonborn is the first quest for Dragonborn Main Storyline. Players will require the expansion to begin this questline. If you have completed the Skyrim Main Quest Line up to The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, simply travel to any of the main holds and wait for a pair of cultists to seek you out.

How do you start the Hearthfire DLC?

To initiate the Hearthfire content, simply travel to the cities of Dawnstar, Falkreath or Morthal and speak to the steward there. Ask about purchasing a house and they will prompt you with the 5000 gold fee, handing over a deed to your plot of land.

Where is serana located?

Serana is a Nord vampire found inside a sarcophagus in Dimhollow Cavern. She is the long lost daughter of Lord Harkon and Valerica, and is in possession of an Elder Scroll.

How do I get into Castle Volkihar with serana?

Fix 360: When Serana initiates the conversation about Castle Volkihar while still in the Crypt, finish it as normal and then DO NOT initiate any other conversation with her! Leave the Crypt and go to Volkihar Castle. (You might also get there by swimming instead of fast travel or using the Icewater Jetty.)

Can you start Dragonborn before main quest?

You can do Dragonborn before the Main Quest, but you will require the scroll from main quest to finish the Dawnguard.

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