Where do you park for the Atlanta Falcons game?

Where do you park for the Atlanta Falcons game?

We looked into the rates for Atlanta United games, and the prices may differ for Atlanta Falcons games….Mercedes-Benz Stadium Parking.

Parking Facility Distance From The Benz Parking Rate
The Home Depot Backyard 0.01 miles $48.46
Centennial Yards Lot B 0.2 miles $46.20
Red Deck 0.1 miles $37.16
CNN Deck 0.2 miles $34.90

Where is the best place to park for Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

The closest parking option to Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the Home Depot Backyard. This 11-acre space is used during stadium events for parking, tailgating, and other game-day activities.

How much is parking at the Falcons stadium?

Parking Rates Near Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Parking Type SpotHero Average Price Offered
Weekend Parking $20 – $20
Event Parking $20 – $40

Is the area around Mercedes-Benz Stadium safe?

You will not feel safe anywhere around this stadium. The walk is too far from any parking spots you find. Most of the parking lots say RESERVED. The other parking spots are high priced.

What is the closest parking to Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

Luckily, Mercedes-Benz Stadium makes parking incredibly straightforward….Next, Where to Find the Best Parking at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium

  • The Red Deck.
  • Lot 432 between Walnut St and Northside Dr.
  • Centennial Yards Lot B.
  • Ruby Lot.
  • CNN Lot.
  • Home Depot Backyard (for all your tailgating needs), also AMB Drive Northwest.

How do I park at United Atlanta?

Parking for non-event day attractions at Mercedes-Benz Stadium is available in the Red Deck and Silver Deck of the Georgia World Congress Center. Parking is subject to availability and may be affected by events at the GWCC. Buses and RVs can park at the Marshalling Yard.

Where can I park at Mercedes stadium in Atlanta?

Parking Lots

  • 123 Marietta. Google Street View.
  • 127 International. 0.6 miles from stadium | Google Street View.
  • 134 Forsyth Street. 0.3 miles from stadium | Google Street View.
  • 135 Forsyth Street. 0.3 miles from stadium | Google Street View.
  • 17 Baker.
  • 218 Peachtree.
  • 218 Peachtree.
  • 305 Ted Turner.

Can you Uber to Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

Uber to and from the Stadium Uber is available 24/7 to get you to the new stadium affordably and safely! You can request a ride straight to the stadium so you don’t miss out on the tailgate, kick-off, or opening band.

Is it safe to walk to Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta?

Yes, it is safe and only about a block or so away.

How close is Hilton Atlanta to Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

The Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta Downtown is located in the heart of the Centennial Park District, just a short walk away from the Mercedes Benz Stadium and only 11 miles away from the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.