Where does Gloria Muliro come from?

Where does Gloria Muliro come from?

Vihiga County, KenyaGloria Muliro / Place of birthVihiga County is an administrative region in the former Western Province of Kenya whose headquarters are in Mbale, the largest town in the county. The county has a population of 554,622 and an area of 563 km². Vihiga County was split from Kakamega County in 1990. Wikipedia

What tribe is Gloria Muliro?

Gloria Owendi, commonly referred to as Gloria Muliro (born 1 April 1980), is a Kenyan Gospel musician and songwriter….

Gloria Muliro
Associated acts Willy Paul, Chris Tomlin, Size 8
Website gloriamuliro.org

When was Gloria Muliro born?

April 1, 1980 (age 42 years)Gloria Muliro / Date of birth

How old is size8?

34 years (August 4, 1987)Size 8 / Age

How old is DJ Mo Kenya?

DJ Mo Age. DJ Mo was born in the year 1987 making him 34 years in the year 2021.

How many kids do Gloria Muliro have?

I released a new song three weeks ago called Look to Jesus. I am still in studio doing more projects.” she says. However, she maintains that her main mission is to change lives. She has no children of her own but she loves them and says she looks forward to having her own when she gets married.

Is Florence Andenyi married?

‘Kibali’ hitmaker Florence Andenyi is the newest member of the marriage club after she tied the knot over the weekend.

What is Size 8’s real name?

Linet Masiro MunyaliSize 8 / Full name

How old is Bahati?

About 28 years (1994)Bahati / Age

How old is Bahati and Diana?

During the interview, Diana finally ended the mystery around her age by revealing that she is actually 30 and not 27 as her husband-to-be had earlier revealed. (Bahati will be 25 in 2019 and he had earlier said that they had a 2-year age difference, something which Diana confirmed in an interview with #TheTrend).

Is Gloria Muliro remarried?

Gospel singer Gloria Muliro is once again engaged six years after walking out of a troubled marriage. The songbird said wedding plans are at an advanced stage. The singer’s popular hits Ndio Yako (2015), Narudisha (2017) and Nakubaliana (2020) are a testimony of her triumphs after divorce.

Is Eunice Njeri married?

Njeri and her then fiancé Isaac Bukasa aka Izzo exchanged vows on November 27th in a Texas church and from the photos shared on social media, the couple couldn’t be happier.