Where in Europe is warm in July?

Where in Europe is warm in July?

Europe’s Hottest Cities in Summer

High °F High °C City
87.3 30.7 Athens, Greece
87.0 30.6 Podgorica, Montenegro
86.8 30.4 Rome, Italy
86.4 30.2 Tirana, Albania

What is the weather in East Europe?

Eastern Europe has some extremely humid months, with other moderately humid months on the other side of the year. The least humid month is May (47.3% relative humidity), and the most humid month is October (81.4%). Wind in Eastern Europe is usually calm. The windiest month is April, followed by March and October.

What is the weather like in Europe in July?

Temperatures across southwest and south-central Europe are expected to be near to above normal throughout the summer months. Normal high temperatures rise from the 21-26 C (70s F) in June to 26-34 C (80s to lower 90s F) in July. By August, temperatures begin to trend cooler again.

Where in Europe is cool in July?

Europe’s northernmost city has the continent’s coolest summers. No other major city stays anywhere as tepid as Reykjavík, Iceland, where maximum temperatures average a meagre 12.7 degrees Celsius (54.8 degrees Fahrenheit).

Where has nice weather in July?

1. Portugal, Madeira and the Azores. July is one of the hottest months of the year in Portugal, with average temperatures of 24°C during the day. The Portuguese islands of Madeira and the Azores in the North Atlantic are a few degrees cooler, but all three destinations are ideal if you’re seeking the sun.

How hot is Croatia in July?

July is Croatia’s hottest month of the year, averaging 84 degrees Fahrenheit in Dubrovnik and 88 to 82 Fahrenheit further up the Dalmatian coast in Split and Zadar, respectively. In the evenings, temperatures cool off to a welcoming 64-70 degrees, so you will want to pack light layers with your swimwear and sunscreen.

Why is Eastern Europe so cold?

In the northern hemisphere, air flows clockwise around a high-pressure system. The current set-up, with high pressure over Russia, means that our air is coming from the east, bringing low temperatures with it.

What is the best time to visit Eastern Europe?

Considering how big the region is geographically, you should also expect variations between its various sub-regions, especially between northerly cities like St. Petersburg and southern ones like Tirana. Overall, the best time to go to Eastern Europe is in the spring and fall, particularly May and October.

Where abroad is hot in July?

The hottest places to go on holiday in July Florence (32 °C) New York (29.9 °C) Crete (29.5 °C) Tenerife (28.9 °C)

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