Where is anandabazar located?

Where is anandabazar located?

Kolkata, West Bengal
Anandabazar Patrika (Bengali: আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা, [Anandabazar Patrika]) is an Indian Bengali-language daily newspaper owned by the ABP Group….Anandabazar Patrika.

Front page of 5 March 2009
Language Bengali
Headquarters Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Country India
Circulation 1,046,607 daily (as of December 2019)

Who is the owner of anandabazar?

Aveek Sarkar (Bengali: অভীক সরকার; born 9 June 1945) is an Indian newspaper promoter and proprietor. He is the present Chairman of Press Trust of India and Vice Chairman and Editor Emeritus of ABP Group. Previously he was editor-in-chief of Anandabazar Patrika and The Telegraph.

How can I send Anandabazar Patrika?

E-mail: [email protected] Or WhatsApp: 7603086372


Who is the current editor of Ananda Bazar Patrika?

Anirban Chattopadhyay At present, he is the Editor of Anandabazar Patrika.

When was anandabazar founded?

March 13, 1922Anandabazar Patrika / First issue date

What happened to Amrita Bazar Patrika?

Amrita Bazar Patrika was one of the oldest daily newspapers in India. Originally published in Bengali script, it evolved into an English format published from Kolkata and other locations such as Cuttack, Ranchi and Allahabad. The paper discontinued its publication in 1991 after 123 years of publication.

Who started Amrit Bazar?

Amrita Bazar Patrika was first published on 20 February 1868 by two brothers in undivided Bengal’s Jessore district, now in southwestern Bangladesh. Sisir and Motilal Ghosh belonged to a rich Bengali merchant family.

Why Anandabazar Patrika is the best newspaper in India?

In 2006, Anandabazar Patrika became the only Bengali daily to be declared a Consumer Superbrand in the second edition of Consumer Superbrands India. It was also awarded Gold for the best printed newspaper in Asia Media awards 2017. In 2017 Anandabazar Patrika had another first in its cap.

What is Anandabazar Patrika PWP?

To connect more with the reader’s life at a district level, Anandabazar Patrika came out with a first time in India, arguably in the world, concept called Paper-within-Paper (PWP) for the district markets of West Bengal. PWP encompasses a full 6 pager newspaper for the district, within the main newspaper.

How many people read Anandabazar Patrika every day?

In 1922, Anandabazar Patrika first came out as a four-page evening daily that sold at two paise and had a circulation of about 1,000 copies a day. Ninety-five years later, Anandabazar Patrika reaches out to close to six million readers, every day!

Who is the founder of Anandabazar Patrika?

On April 20, 1958, seven poets and writers were felicitated, in an event marking the beginning of a new era in Bengali literature. Anandabazar Patrika and Desh jointly gave away two awards called ‘Ananda Purashkar’ in memory of Prafulla Kumar Sarkar and Suresh Chandra Majumdar, the founders of Anandabazar Patrika.