Where is Porirua Lunatic Asylum?

Where is Porirua Lunatic Asylum?

Porirua, New Zealand

Porirua Lunatic Asylum
Location Porirua, New Zealand
Coordinates 41.141037°S 174.831952°E
Type Specialist

When did tokanui hospital close?

An aerial photograph from 1990 shows the extent of Tokanui Hospital, near Te Awamutu, which by the 1960s was one of the largest psychiatric institutions in New Zealand. It opened in 1912 with a few patients transferred from Porirua Hospital near Wellington, and closed in 1997.

When was Porirua hospital built?

The Porirua asylum, seen here around 1910, opened in the 1870s to relieve overcrowding at the Wellington facility. Its rural site had room for vegetable gardens and sports facilities, and was seen as a better environment for the patients – some of whom had psychotic illnesses, while others were alcoholics or senile.

Who owns Kingseat Hospital?

Prince Corporation
Tainui’s sale of Kingseat Hospital in South Auckland is complete – almost six years after the deal was done. An out-of-court settlement has been reached with Auckland-based Prince Corporation, which agreed to buy the 60ha former psychiatric facility for an undisclosed sum in 1997.

What happened at Tokanui Hospital?

Mary was put in Tokanui mental hospital in 1968 to help her to recover from depression. Aged 18, she was depressed after the birth of a baby, the second of her four children. But instead of receiving help, Mary says, she suffered beatings and sexual abuse, and was left damaged by electro-convulsive therapy (ECT).

Why did Kingseat Hospital close?

Kingseat Psychiatric Hospital in Auckland opened in 1932 and was operational until 1999, when it was shut down during a sweeping reform of New Zealand’s public mental health system. Former patients from hospitals in the area, including Kingseat, were hit with claims of grave abuse and neglect.

Why is kingseat called kingseat?

Etymology. The name Kingseat seems to originate from when King Malcolm Canmore rested at this location after the slaying of Macbeth at Battle of Lumphanan. The name “Kingseat” is visible on Maps dating back to 1652.

Who owns Kingseat Hospital now?

What is the Porirua Mental Hospital?

The Porirua Mental Hospital (as it later became) was also the largest employer in the Porirua area and contributed greatly to the growth of Porirua City. The asylum was established in 1884.

What’s happening around Porirua’s old hospital?

Carrus is also responsible for the huge Aotea subdivision which has been ongoing since 2004. Up to 800 houses are poised to be built in a major new housing development around Porirua’s old hospital. Early consents will soon be lodged for Kenepuru Landing, a joint project between developer Carrus Corporation and local iwi Ngati Toa.

What was the first ward at Porirua Hospital?

H Ward, the first ward at Porirua Hospital is opened to relieve overcrowding at Mount View Asylum. Construction begins of the main central block at Porirua Hospital designed to take 500 patients in a rural environment. Opened in 1895.

Why was Porirua chosen as a new asylum?

The site chosen for the new asylum at Porirua was located in a rural area miles from Wellington which would be to the benefit of these ‘incurable’ patients, both as a protection from public curiosity, and as an opportunity for them to work outdoors and benefit therapeutically from the fresh air and exercise.

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