Where is Sauza tequila made?

Where is Sauza tequila made?

Born in Mexico The history of tequila is a long and storied one, but ultimately, it all comes back to one region – Jalisco. This is where you’ll find the finest blue weber agave, perfect for crafting smooth tequila. It is also the home of Casa Sauza®, where we’ve crafted the region’s finest tequila for over 140 years.

Is Sauza Tequila Mexican owned?

Sauza Tequila Import Company is a producer of tequila located in Tequila, a municipality of the state of Jalisco, Mexico. It was founded in 1873 when Don Cenobio Sauza started La Perseverancia distillery.

Who founded Casa Sauza?

For Sauza, tequila and family are one and the same. And so it went for “the three Dons.” Founder Don Cenobio Sauza handed off the business to his son, Don Eladio Sauza, in 1903. Don Eladio later passed down the company to his son, Don Francisco Sauza.

Does Sauza make Hornitos?

Hornitos Reposado is a Reposado tequila produced by Sauza in Mexico. It is made from a mash bill of 100% blue agave, and aged for 2 months in american oak vats casks.

Who owns Tequila Sauza?

Beam Suntory
American Brands
Sauza Tequila/Parent organizations

Is Sauza Tequila 100% agave?

It was formerly known as Sauza Blue Silver Tequila. This is their entry-level 100% blue agave line. The focus here is on delivering a 100% blue agave tequila at a modest price point. It is a workhorse tequila that performs best as a cocktail ingredient with a light flavor profile that mixes easily.

Is Sauza a good brand?

How does it rate? No, Sauza is not a good tequila brand, none of its releases rate near the top of their respective categories making it one of the weakest tequila brands in the market; even Jose Cuervo has much better offerings than Sauza.

Is Sauza a gold?

Sauza Gold is a smooth tequila with the fresh agave taste you expect – plus an extra hint of cooked agave and vanilla. Pale golden hue. Sweet aromas of vanilla and cooked agave layered with orange blossom and almond notes. Cooked agave and sweet caramel balanced with pepper notes.

Does Justin Timberlake own Sauza?

-based Beam Inc.’s Sauza Tequila brand partnered with actor and pop music artist Justin Timberlake to launch Sauza 901 super-premium tequila. The new product builds off of Timberlake’s previously launched 901 Silver Tequila and incorporates the same spirit under the Sauza brand name.

Is Sauza tequila top shelf?

Sauza Silver is one that won’t let you down or leave your mouth on fire. It may not be as smooth as top-shelf tequilas, but it is one of the best affordable options, and it’s in nearly every liquor store. Sauza is distilled in the town of Tequila and right across the street from Jose Cuervo.

Is Sauza Gold 100 agave?

Sauza Gold is an unaged mixto tequila produced using 51% agave and 49% sugar-cane spirit distillate. Caramel coloring is added to give the gold color. This is really designed to be hidden behind strong mixers or consumed quickly in shots.

Is Sauza Tequila 100 agave?

Sauza® Conmemorativo® Añejo Tequila is a 100% agave tequila that’s both versatile and mixable.