Where is size on Cascade helmet?

Where is size on Cascade helmet?

You might think the neck is exposed, but lacrosse helmets are designed to protect the face and throat more so than the back of the head….Cascade CPV-R Helmet Sizing Chart.

Cascade CPV-R Helmet Sizing Chart
Size Head Circumference (Inches)
XX-Small 20.5″ – 22″
X-Small 21″ – 22.5″
Small/Medium 21.5″ – 23″

When did the Cascade CPVR come out?

Available July 1, 2013.

How much does a cascade R weight?

The Cascade CPV-R is an ultra light helmet weighing in under two pounds.

Where are Cascade Helmets manufactured?

Liverpool, NY
Cascade designs and manufactures all of its products at its operations in Liverpool, NY, which allows it to provide 48-hour turnaround time for custom helmet orders and over 750,000 different color combinations.

What size is the Cascade S?

Cascade Lacrosse Helmet Sizing Guide

Product Size Head Circumference
XS 21″ to 22.5″ (533mm to 571mm)
CPVR S/M 21.5″ to 23″ (546mm to 584mm)
M/L 22′ to 23.5″ (558mm to 596mm)
CPXR OSFM 21.5″ to 24″ (456mm to 609mm)

Where are Cascade lacrosse helmets made?

It is for that reason that Cascade chooses to produce all of its products right in Liverpool, NY at the company headquarters.

Why are lacrosse helmets shaped like that?

After the original Cascade helmet came the Cascade C2 were the face mask and chin piece of the helmet becomes more aerodynamic. After the Cascade C2 came the Cascade CLH2. Not a drastic change in look but you can see the visor no longer juts out beyond the face mask.

What happened to the Cascade R?

The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) has announced that the Cascade R model lacrosse helmet no longer complies with NOCSAE standard ND041 and that Cascade’s certification of compliance on that helmet model only is invalid.

How heavy is the Cascade S?

50 kg
Factory Custom to you in 48hrs, Made in the USA….Customization.

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 30 x 30 cm
Color Black, White

Does maverik own Cascade?

Maverik, founded in 2005 by All-World professional lacrosse players, is a leading lacrosse manufacturer of heads, shafts, complete sticks, a complete line of protective gear, and accessories. Cascade Maverik LLC, along with sister brands Easton and Bauer, is part of Peak Achievement Athletics Inc.

What size is a youth lacrosse helmet?

Cascade Lacrosse Helmet Sizing Guide

Product Size Head Circumference
CS,CSR Youth up to 22″ (558mm)
XXS 20.5″ to 22″ (520mm to 558mm)
XS 21″ to 22.5″ (533mm to 571mm)
CPVR S/M 21.5″ to 23″ (546mm to 584mm)