Where is the archaeological site of Akrotiri?

Where is the archaeological site of Akrotiri?

Santorini archipelago
Where is Akrotiri. The archaeological site of Akrotiri is directly south of the modern-day village with the same name, at the south-western part of the crescent shaped island of Thíra, the largest island in the Santorini archipelago.

Is Akrotiri a good place to stay?

Megalochori is another quiet village in the center of the island, which is close to Perissa and Perivolos beaches. If you have your own transportation, Akrotiri may also be a good place to stay in, as it is close to Red Beach.

Is Akrotiri archaeological site open?

Archaeological Site of Akrotiri, Akrotiri,T. +30 2286081939. Open daily, 8.00-20.00 (entrance fee 12€).

Is Akrotiri worth visiting?

Is the Akrotiri Red Beach worth visiting? Well, if you have a lot of time on Santorini, then I would say this is a must-visit, if only for the fact that there are very few red-sand beaches in the world. The view from on top of the cliff was truly spectacular. But you can pretty much end your visit there.

What does Akrotiri mean in Greek?

cape, promontory
Akrotiri (Greek: Ακρωτήρι, pronounced Greek: [akroˈtiri]) means “cape, promontory”. As a result, many different seaside places bear this name.

What was found in Akrotiri?

Unlike Pompeii, no human remains have been found at Akrotiri, and only one gold object was found on the site, suggesting that the Minoans performed an orderly evacuation before the eruption, and they had time to take their valuables before they fled.

How was Akrotiri destroyed?

The enormous volcanic eruption that destroyed the settlement of Akrotiri took place around 1,650 B.C. The entire town was covered with ashes and lava, which preserved Akrotiri almost intact through time.

How long does it take to see Akrotiri?

At Akrotiri you will spend approximately 1 hour of touring in the antiquities and i would highly recommend to visit the ruins with a guide, since the site lacks of information signs and your visit will be worthless without.

How much time do you need in Akrotiri?

Can you visit Akrotiri and Dhekelia?

You most certainly can, and it is easily reached from the capital city of Nicosia. Obviously, some parts are out of bounds as it is a military base, but you can tick this place off the “visited list,” and you won’t even need to bring your passport!